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  • Published on 19 Aug 2017

    President Donald Trump’s top strategist Steve Bannon has wasted no time in getting back to his old job at conservative website Breitbart News – chairing an editorial meeting last night shortly after confirming his departure from the White House. In an interview with The Weekly Standard he said he has got his “hands back on…

  • The King and Queen of Spain have been visiting victims of the van attack in Barcelona who are recovering in hospital – as emergency services identify more of the fourteen people who were killed here – and in the nearby town of Cambrils. The scene of the attack in Las Ramblas is now a sea…

  • The world famous scientist Stephen Hawking says he fears the NHS is being turned into a “US style insurance system”. He accuses the Health Secretary of “cherry picking evidence” to advance his agenda. But Jeremy Hunt says Professor Hawking is wrong.

  • Spanish police say the driver of the van used in the attack here in Barcelona – killing 13 people and injuring more than 100 others – may still be on the run. They’re now focusing their manhunt on Moroccan born Younes Abouyaaqoub.

  • Professor Fawaz Gerges from the London School of Economics has written a book about the history of Isis.

  • Spanish officials say the cell behind the terror attacks has been ‘totally dismantled’ – but the search for the man now presumed to be the ringleader intensifies… security at tourist locations and along the French border is stepped up. Police raid properties in Ripoll to the north of here – the town that’s home to…

  • Published on 18 Aug 2017

    Political journalist Francesc Badia i Dalmases and teacher Teresa Naves reflect on what their city has been through.

  • Liam Searle, a British man who lives in Barcelona, was just feet away from the van before it swerved into crowds on Las Ramblas.

  • The search for survivors is grim, and, say aid workers, hopes of finding anyone alive beneath the rubble of their homes is dwindling by the day. Six hundred people are still missing after the deadly flooding and mudslides in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown. Up to 450 people have now been confirmed dead, many of them children.

  • The President’s embattled chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is out of Team Trump. A White House statement says the Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have “mutually agreed” today will be his last day. The former Trump campaign guru and leading voice of the alt-right had several high-profile disagreements with other senior members of the President’s staff and members of…

  • He was the face of Saturday night television. His catchphrases, from ‘Nice to see you, to see you nice’ to ‘Didn’t he do well?’, were part of the national lexicon. Sir Bruce Forsyth has died at the age of 89. Colleagues immediately paid tribute to his warmth, his wit, his generosity and charm. He was, said the BBC director general, one…

  • Pizzas, ready meals, burgers and sandwiches – we’re consuming too many calories, say health officials, and they want supermarkets, takeaways and restaurants to cut back. Public Health England will set new targets within the next year, as part of efforts to tackle child obesity. The guidelines will, however, be voluntary, unless the industry fails to respond.

  • Lorenzo Vidino, director of the programme on extremism at George Washington University, talks about Europe’s fight against terrorism.

  • Richard Gregg, who’s from Kent, witnessed the attack and describes what he saw.

  • The victims came from at least 34 countries, including the UK. As Theresa May confirmed that a small number of Britons had been caught up in the attack, Foreign Office staff have been deployed to help, and are urgently trying to trace a 7-year-old boy, Julian Cadman, who is thought to have dual British and Australian nationality and is apparently missing.