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  • Published on 22 May 2017

    The Labour and Momentum activist, Beth Foster-Ogg, and the Conservative councillor, Oliver Cooper, on the youth vote.

  • The Republican strategist and Trump supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes, and the writer-at-large for New York Magazine, Andrew Sullivan, debate Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia, his first foreign visit since becoming President.

  • If the furore over the Tory U-turn on social care costs has been all about the pensioner vote, the battle for the youth vote is no less fervent, especially with the deadline for voter registration ending today. And Labour, especially Jeremy Corbyn, have been getting some rather unexpected support – from some of the country’s…

  • It was meant to be a trip focused on Middle East security, as Donald Trump arrived in Israel claiming a rare opportunity to create a future of harmony and peace. But almost inevitably, his visit was overshadowed by controversy, as the President insisted he had “never mentioned the word or name Israel” during his Oval…

  • Promising to scrap tuition fees, work towards a universal basic income and renationalise the railways, the Green Party in England and Wales has launched its manifesto ahead of the General Election. But Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party has now adopted some of the Greens’ long-standing policies. So what chance do they have of adding to their…

  • The social media giant Facebook is facing new scrutiny over the way it moderates potentially harmful or dangerous content, after its secret guidelines for staff and moderates were leaked to the press, revealing huge inconsistencies over issues like violence, sexual images and hate speech. The company says with such a diverse global community there will…

  • Lord Stewart Wood, who was a senior adviser to Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, says Theresa May’s social care policy has “unravelled”, with it “unprecedented to have a U-turn of such magnitude in a campaign”.  

  • With soaring costs and huge pressure on dwindling funds, it’s become clear that something needs to be done about social care. The other parties are promising billions of pounds in new spending. But after the Conservatives’ great idea backfired within a few days, where does this leave their plans for a social care shake-up?

  • It didn’t take long. With poll numbers slipping just four days after their controversial manifesto pledge to make elderly people pay for their social care at home, Theresa May has abandoned the policy, saying the Tories would now consider a cap on costs. Labour said her government was mired in “chaos and confusion”, while the…

  • Theresa May U-turns on the biggest policy in her manifesto, but tries to pretend it was all part of the plan. Strong and stable or weak and wobbly?

  • The prime minister has been accused of a ‘manifesto meltdown’ after U-turning on the Dementia Tax. Some of her claims don’t pass the FactCheck test.

  • Theresa May took to Facebook at the weekend to declare she was just six seats away from losing to Jeremy Corbyn. You might think that this is an incredible reversal of fortunes for the party that’s consistently held a double-digit lead in the polls since the election was called. But as FactCheck discovers, things are not quite as they seem.

  • After today’s U-turn, Theresa May’s ‘Gloriana image’ is a little battered

    It’s hard to think of an occasion when a manifesto commitment has been overturned mid-campaign. In a stark formless landscape of rigid sloganeering, this striking policy stood out even more than it would normally and had a big negative impact on older voters who read their newspapers and listen to bulletins.

  • Published on 21 May 2017

    The change to the funding model for long term social care, the end of the ‘triple lock’ and cutting winter fuel payments could be damaging Conservative support.

  • There have been scenes of jubilation in Nigeria after 82 of the so-called Chibok school girls kidnapped by the extremist group Boko Haram were reunited with their parents.