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  • Morning Joe presenters over Donald Trump twitter row

    Two US breakfast show hosts targeted by President Trump in a bizarre Twitter tirade have told Channel 4 News that everything he said was false. Trump lashed out at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, claiming they had “spoken badly of him”.

  • Published on 22 Jul 2017

    We report on how Bollywood is using songs, romance and comedy – to tackle one of India’s most serious development issues, the lack of proper toilets. It’s a problem that’s also had a serious impact on women’s safety across India.

  • The local government association is warning the growth in homelessness is unsustainable – not just for the councils but the families forced to live like this.

  • The US journalist, who has written extensively on eastern Europe, says the Polish government’s plans to remove the country’s independent judiciary is “illegal” and a direct challenge to the European Union.

  • Tens of thousands have protested – with rallies and candle-lit vigils – even the former Solidarity leader Lech Walesa addressed crowds in Gdansk in scenes reminiscent of the 1980’s. But, so far, to no avail.

  • A year after Brexit a new test for the future of the EU. This time from Poland. Tens of thousands demonstrate against government changes to the judiciary, the EU issues a rare ultimatum.

  • Published on 21 Jul 2017

    He faced a rough ride from the start. White House Press Secretary Sean Spiceradmonished the press on his first full day in the job over their coverage of the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration. Tonight he’s resigned after six turbulent months fending off reporters and becoming the butt of satirical jokes.  In the last few minutes, he said…

  • For the first time, Britain now has a female head of state, prime minister and, as of today,the country’s most senior judge, after Baroness Hale was appointed to lead the UK’s highest court. Lady Brenda Hale has long been an outspoken advocate for more diversity and called her new position a “great honour and a challenge”.

  • With the Notting Hill Carnival due to take place in the same borough as Grenfell next month, organisers say they intend to make sure it pays tribute to the victims and the local community. The carnival’s director and some of its leading acts have told us they want to show their solidarity and respect with a minute’s silence.

  • The cabinet is “united” around a transition deal allowing continued free movement for EU citizens after Brexit. That’s according to Environment Secretary and prominent Brexiteer Michael Gove. He claimed the Government would take a “pragmatic” approach, after reports that a transition could last up to four years. That hasn’t impressed hardline Euro-sceptics, while many businesses just want the Government to provide some proper direction.

  • UNICEF’s Dr Meritxell Relano, who is based in the Yemeni capital Sana’a, says there are many factors contributing to the deaths of children in the war-ravaged country’s cholera outbreak, including the collapse of the health system and lack of water and sanitation.

  • Never have more people contracted cholera in a single year. Aid agencies say around 2,000 people in Yemen have already died in just three months, and there are fears the worst is not yet over. The war-ravaged health system means doctors can’t stop the disease’s spread among nearly 400,000 people already weak from lack of food.

  • Every ten minutes, a child dies in Yemen. As cholera claims thousands in a country destroyed by war, can mankind end a human tragedy entirely of its own making?  

  • Parliament has published its register of MPs’ financial interests for the first time since the election. An analysis by FactCheck shows that 123 MPs earn extra money by renting out homes and private property. Landlord MPs account for almost a fifth of all MPs. Their properties include houses, flats, farms, holiday cottages and shops. The MPs include chancellor…

  • Nigel Farage said we won’t owe money to the EU after 2020. That’s not quite the full picture. FactCheck explains why.