17 Oct 2021

2035: Green revolution choked by coal in Africa #OurClimateFutures

This video is part of Our Climate Futures – a project which takes real science to forecast what impacts and changes humanity may face as the climate crisis unfolds. This is not a news story. At least not yet.

The year is 2035 and the world is set to miss its climate targets. Despite years of warnings from experts a new coal power plant is opening – sparking an angry public backlash.

It is one of the key aims of COP26 in Glasgow – rally a global consensus around phasing out coal-fired power generation.

But while the UN is unequivocal that this is one of the lowest hanging fruits for climate action, many obstacles remain.

Industrialised nations have had the finance available to spur their green transition, but poorer countries need support to stay away from cheap coal – experts call this climate finance.

In the future, industrial decisions may be increasingly at odds with a public mood that demands more to tackle the climate emergency. In this video, we imagine the fallout after rich countries fail to deliver the cash to help a poorer country’s energy transition, and the public demonstration that follow.

Watch the video above to hear from experts on the science behind the story. Or find out more about Our Climate Futures here.