What does 360° mean?

Channel 4’s 360° Diversity Charter, launched in January 2015, puts a commitment to diversity at the heart of everything we do at Channel 4, on and off screen, so that our organisation – what we do and who we are – truly reflects the diversity of Britain today.


Diversity that encompasses all under-represented groups: BAME, LGBT, disability, gender, social mobility, those who live outside of London; and more.

A commitment

A commitment to diversity at every level of our organisation on screen, off screen and including the leadership we need to achieve our goal. Leadership is about people: about everyone who contributes to our content, not only those on screen.


Engaging the skills and experience of all our people – commissioners, writers, directors, HR managers, interns, casting agents, viewers, business managers, indie managers, on-screen talent, TV executives, lawyers, headhunters, careers advisers, marketing executives, PAs, data rights managers and production assistants.

360° also means that, at every stage of the people development process, we want to offer as much support as we can – support that we can offer via those responsible for talent identification, recruitment, training, development, mentoring and more.

What we do

What we do is more important than what we say, and our 360° approach is designed to give others the chance to measure our actions. We fully embrace that our remit – enshrined in legislation – asks us “to appeal to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society”, and the results of our 2016 activities, as outlined in our annual report are a testament to this.

Our remit also asks us to “challenge established views and promote alternative views and new perspectives”, meaning that diversity of thought and opinion is just as important as other aspects of diversity.

"The work being done by Channel 4 is a fantastic step in making sure that our film and TV sectors reflect the full diversity of UK society today, both in front of, and behind, the camera."
Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital and Culture

Looking ahead

In our latest annual report, you can read about our achievements and future plans. We set out a five-year plan at the beginning of 2015 and have made real progress.

We have continued to build on this, raising our own ambitions for diversity and maintaining our role as leaders for the UK broadcast media industry. We nominated 2016 as our Year of Disability, where we boosted our efforts to improve access to the industry for disabled people.

Our work to support all underrepresented groups will continue, undiminished with each subsequent year carrying a new theme. We will continue to work with the independent companies that supply our programmes to help them improve the diversity of their staff and their output.

Measuring progress

We are accountable, measuring our progress throughout the year and reporting annually on the activities that we believe will make a real difference to diversity, not just within Channel 4, but in the wider industry.

However, we understand that as an industry we are learning – we want to be open and honest about what’s working and what’s been less successful, continuing to evolve and improve.