Off Peak

Sport and Off-Peak is responsible for Tuesday late-night after midnight and early weekend slots at the 7am – 8am part of the schedule.

Historically Sport content occupies these zones but it is no longer quite so prescriptive and the commissioning editor can acquire, license and commission content for other early morning, late night, and daytime parts of the Channel 4 schedule.

The key to Sport and Off-peak is finding high volume, low cost, flexible content, i.e. content that can play both pre and post watershed. Successes which typify our output include; 3 Hungry Boys and The Secret Supper Club - which both played at 4pm on Saturdays; ad-funded series such as Glamour Puds which featured the French patisserie chef Eric Lanlard and played at weekday lunchtimes and The McCain Track and Field Show starring Rick Edwards and Iwan Thomas which unearthed the future GB track stars stars for 2012 and which played on Sunday mornings.

Off Peak

Commissioning Editor, Sport: Joe Blake-Turner


020 7306 3701

Genre Assistant, Entertainment & TV Events: Laura King


020 7306 5591