Formats & Music FAQs

What are your commissioning priorities?

Primarily cost effective programme ideas and formats which feel fresh and new, yet offer an alternative from what we already have on offer. Our shows are targeted at the 16-34 audience so need to be broad in appeal, as well as reflecting our audience's interests.

What are you not interested in?

Magazine formats or film shows are not really what we're pursuing as we already offer much of this kind of content. We're also very well served for live music performance. What we'd like is new and alternate ways of capturing contemporary music and celebrity - other than just live performance. We've also recently commissioned a number of formats around unsigned bands so we aren't currently looking to pursue anything in this particular area.

What are the tariff prices for programmes you currently commission?

Funding is dependent on the idea; however it is worth bearing in mind that we very rarely fully fund ideas. We have to be creative with how we fund shows (often requiring sponsors/ad funds to bring in at least 75% of the budget for late night music shows).

What is the biggest creative challenge your team or genre faces?

Keeping content fresh, bold and ambitious within our financial limitations.

What advice would you give to new talent companies keen to connect with your team?

Don't be shy - if you have a germ of an idea then drop us an email. Please don't think it has to be a fully formed document, and please don't be put off by our budget limitations either. We have some very creative ways of making the money work!