Channel 4 are delighted to have renewed our contract with Sky Sports to show highlights of Formula 1 motor racing. Formula 1 Championship is the pinnacle of motor sport, featuring many of the world's best drivers and supercar constructors.  The race season runs from March until November, encompassing approximately 22 races.  Channel 4’s highlights coverage will make this exciting and spectacular race series free for everyone to enjoy.  

Channel 4 are seeking an experienced and creative production partner to deliver exciting and top-class coverage of this great series with a swagger. We see the unique world of motor sport as a specialist area and will only consider proposals from companies with extensive experience of production in the motor sport arena.  


Sky Sports are the priority and live broadcaster for the Formula 1 Championship. Channel 4 has sub-licenced live coverage of the British Grand Prix and highlights of all races in the F1 calendar.  

A Formula 1 weekend comprises of free practice on a Friday, race qualifying on Saturday and the race itself on Sunday. Channel 4 have sub-licenced highlights of the Qualifying session on Saturday followed by race highlights on Sunday. The exception to this is the British Grand Prix weekend when Channel 4 will broadcast the Friday practice sessions, Saturday qualifying and the Sunday race live.

The producer will provide a fully complete and engaging highlights programme with distinctive Channel 4 presentation coverage and commentary. The Channel 4 schedule will require all programmes to be made for speedy transmission. Therefore, the producer will need live playout capability and a technical plan that complies with Channel 4 protocols.

This is an extremely international and challenging project. The Formula 1 calendar spans the globe and the Channel 4 presentation team will need to be on site in the Paddock area of these complicated and dangerous venues.  

The winning bidder will also be expected to engage and comply with Sky Sports expectations of a sub-licensee on site.  

Channel 4 is seeking a Producer that will think creatively to deliver a production that looks unique to Channel 4 and has the potential of engaging a broad and diverse audience.


This is intended to be a two stage proposal process.  This is a request for proposals for Stage One only.

 For Stage One, on one sheet of A4 please; 

  1. Outline live and highlights production credentials and motor racing experience, including presentation from motor sports venues.
    On a separate sheet of A4 please;
  2. Briefly outline your plans for the presentation of F1 highlights of the Monaco Grand Prix 2020 on Channel 4.
    This should include key on-screen and commentary talent, your approach to or style of presentation and may include a single idea you consider innovative for covering Formula 1.
    Please keep to one sheet of A4.  Producers who progress to the second stage will be asked to submit detailed budgeted proposals on how they would tackle the challenge of producing and delivering Formula 1 on Channel 4.

Please note how this production could classify as national or regional under the Ofcom regional production definition.


Please provide your Stage One submission by 5pm on Friday 4th October 2019 via email to Alexandra Riozzi at

If we decide that your proposal has the potential and that you have the requisite experience to produce our Formula 1 coverage, we will invite you to go forward to Stage Two of the proposals process. This will involve a full and comprehensive presentation of costed proposals plus a presentation of how F1 coverage will look on Channel 4.  (A small assistance budget will be available for producers selected to submit proposals for Stage Two).

We hope to notify all interested parties in writing by or on Friday 11th October 2019 as to whether your Stage One proposal has been selected to move forward to Stage Two. You will then be required to submit your Stage Two proposals and a detailed budget prior to 5pm on Monday 11th November 2019 with presentations to Channel 4 to be scheduled on Wednesday 20th or Thursday 21st November 2019.

Any changes to any deadline dates will be posted on the Channel 4 Website.


Editorial, Channel 4, Pete Andrews  -

Finance, Channel 4, Hayley Thornton –

Rights and Business Affairs, Channel 4, Penny Mills –

Operations Manager, Channel 4, Matt McCue –


The contract for the production work will be with Channel 4 on an all rights’ assignment basis subject always to any rights, terms and conditions of Channel 4’s agreement with the rights holder(s). Producer shall not in any event acquire any right, title or interest in or to the programmes or any event footage.

Producers will be responsible for and bear all of their own costs, liabilities and expenses which may be incurred in the preparation of their proposal responses regardless of whether a producer is shortlisted and selected to proceed to  a second stage.

All information provided by Channel 4 and correspondence in relation to the process including, without limitation, Channel 4’s rights and obligations under its agreement(s) with any rights holder(s) should be treated as “commercial in confidence” by producers. No announcement or disclosure in relation to this process or the contents of any proposal shall be made without the prior written consent of Channel 4. The information contained in this notice of request for proposals is in summary form only and does not purport to contain a complete description of the relevant subject matter.

All intellectual property rights in this document and all materials provided by Channel 4, its business partners or its professional advisors in connection with this project/process (the “Channel 4 Materials”) are and shall remain the property of Channel 4 and/or its business partners and/or professional advisors and the producer is only permitted to use the Channel 4 Material solely for the purpose of preparing a proposal and not further use or otherwise.

Due to the nature of the work (namely a live sport production of a major international sporting event) you acknowledge that Channel 4 may receive proposals which resemble your proposal and that in some cases similar or identical ideas may be generated independently and, accordingly, please note that Channel 4 reserves the right to use any information received for any reasonable purpose connected with the process.

Channel 4 reserves the right to:

(a) Amend the process for submitting proposals at any time and Channel 4 may (at its discretion) extend the submission deadline;

(b) Cancel this project at any time;

(c) Accept or reject any producer proposal at any time prior to the notification of the award and completion of contracts, without incurring any liability to the affected producers.

Nothing contained in this document or any other communication made between the Producer and Channel 4 or its representatives (including submission of a proposal) shall constitute an agreement, contract or representation between Channel 4 and any other party (except for a formal award of contract made in writing by Channel 4). Receipt by Channel 4 of a proposal document does not imply the existence of a contract or commitment by or with Channel 4 for any purpose and producers should note that submitting a proposal may not result in the award of any business.

Producer must not hold itself out as being associated with Formula One Championship Ltd (“F1”), FIA Formula One World Championship including individual rounds and any part or aspect thereof (together “the Championship”) or any party participating in any of such events in any manner as a result of this process. Producers must not use Channel 4, F1, Championship, Grand Prix or team or associated trade-marks or logos or Channel 4 Materials without prior written permission.

Producers may modify their proposal by giving written notice at any time before the submission deadline.  Producers may withdraw their proposal by giving written notice at any time prior to the notification of contract award.

Producers who have been found to be in breach of confidentiality or intellectual property rights with respect to this project or who directly or indirectly canvass any employee of Channel 4 concerning the award of the contract will be disqualified and Channel 4 may pursue any remedy or take any other action for breach as it considers appropriate. Channel 4’s decision will be final.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law.