England Football Internationals 2023/2024


In April 2022 it was announced that Channel 4 had won the rights to England’s European Qualifiers, Friendlies and UEFA Nations League matches. Since then results on the pitch haven’t exactly gone to plan, but Channel 4 has still enjoyed some bumper viewing figures. We’ve set out to establish ourselves as custodians of the national team whilst introducing Channel 4’s distinctive tone to the proceedings.

Whatever happens in Qatar, we’ll be back for more in 2023 and 2024 – we’re looking for a production partner to join us on that journey.



As the exclusive UK Television Broadcaster of England’s UEFA Euro 2024 qualification campaign, we have been entrusted with a significant responsibility. With millions of opinionated fans to win over, plus major stakeholders to keep happy in the form of the FA and UEFA, our production partner will need to be able to demonstrate they are:


A proven track record producing football coverage of the highest possible standard. An established working relationship with UEFA is essential.


England’s players are the best this country has to offer and the talent off the pitch needs to be of a similar standard. That goes for on screen and off screen.


Put a foot wrong technically and it’s all over the newspapers the next day. We need a partner who can promise a robust and reliable service.


We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. However, Channel 4 has a distinctive, disruptive, playful tone. How would this be woven into the coverage and what’s the BIG idea for set-piece openers/features that’ll stand out from the crowd?  


Whichever company we partner with should share Channel 4’s values – we want our production partner to embrace diversity.







Kick Off GMT

Italy v England  

Thursday March 23rd


England v Ukraine

Sunday March 26th


Malta v England

Friday June 16th


TBC v TBC (Nations League Final)

Sunday June 18th

1945 (tbc)

England v North Macedonia

Monday June 19th


Ukraine v England

Saturday September 9th


Friendly, opposition tbc  

10-12 September


Friendly, opposition tbc  

12-14 October


England v Italy

Tuesday October 17th


England v Malta

Thursday November 17th


North Macedonia v England

Monday November 20th




4 x Fixtures TBC





For each match played in the UK, our production partner is responsible for producing and delivering to UEFA and its appointed technical/production partners, the match feed, other required material and certain unilateral facilities/services in compliance with UEFA’s minimum host broadcast production requirements.



Please assume a 45’ build-up and 30’ post-match.



60’ for every fixture



UEFA produce up to 6 Magazine Shows previewing the European Qualifiers and/or Nations League Finals and our production partner will be responsible for acquiring this and delivering for a 30’ broadcast.



We expect our production partner to work collaboratively with 4Studios to supply raw interview material, features and content suitable for social media ahead of tx, etc



England football on terrestrial television is about as big as it gets. As such, we can only accept proposals from companies with a proven track record in broadcasting major football matches to large terrestrial audiences.  


If you think you fit the bill, then the two-stage process for one of Channel 4’s most important undertakings starts here! Please submit the following document (max 1 side of A4):




Outline your Live Sport production credentials, with particular reference to elite-level

European or International football for a leading UK TV channel.



How do you envisage driving forward Channel 4’s coverage of England Internationals? Outline your plans to take us to the next level. What innovations would you introduce? What talent would you propose? What makes you confident you can land them?



Who do you propose to use in the following roles:

  • Executive Producer(s)
  • Match Director
  • Pres Director
  • Programme Editor


Should you be selected for stage two of the process, you will be asked to supply the following:




A detailed budget template will be shared which will incorporate a few match-specific scenarios to be fully costed.


Looking at the fixtures what ‘big’ ideas do you have for openers and features, etc?


Detail on delivery requirements will be shared if you are invited to participate in stage two of the process.

Please indicate in your submission whether this production could classify as regional under the Ofcom regional production definition.

If you have any questions about anticipated cost, you can contact Bruce Salisbury (bsalisbury@channel4.co.uk) and Pete Andrews (pandrews@channel4.co.uk).

NOTE: This tender is mainly focused on the television delivery of England’s matches, so while we welcome digital ideas we will be focused on the linear coverage.




Your Stage One submission should be emailed to Alex Riozzi (ariozzi@channel4.co.uk) by no later than October 28th. We will notify all interested parties in writing on the outcome of their submission by November 1st and, if selected, advise on timelines for Stage Two.

We may follow-up with budget discussions or a call to interrogate specific editorial proposals, but as things stand we’re not planning to conduct an in-person pitch as part of the process. There is no assistance budget available for this RFP.

Any changes to deadline dates will be posted on the Channel 4 website and communicated via email.



Editorial, Channel 4, Pete Andrews (pandrews@channel4.co.uk) 0113 512 6208
Finance, Channel 4, Bruce Salisbury (bsalisbury@channel4.co.uk) 0113 512 6364
Legal and Business Affairs, Channel 4, Penny Mills (pmills@channel4.co.uk) 020 7306 5184



The contract for the production work will be with Channel 4 on a producer for hire all rights assignment basis subject always to any rights, terms and conditions of Channel 4’s agreement with the rights holder. The producer shall not in any event acquire any right, title or interest in or to the programmes or any event footage.
Producers will be responsible for and bear all of their own costs, liabilities and expenses which may be incurred in the preparation of their proposal responses regardless of whether a producer is shortlisted and selected to proceed to the next stage.

All information provided by Channel 4 and correspondence in relation to the process should be treated as “commercial in confidence” by producers. No announcement or disclosure in relation to this process or the contents of any proposal shall be made without the prior written consent of Channel 4. The information contained in this notice is in summary form only and does not purport to contain a complete description of the relevant subject matter.  

All intellectual property rights in this document and all materials provided by Channel 4, its business partners or its professional advisors in connection with this project/process (the “Channel 4 Materials”) are and shall remain the property of Channel 4 and/or its business partners and/or professional advisors and the producer is only permitted to use the Channel 4 Material solely for the purpose of preparing a proposal and not further use or otherwise.
Due to the nature of the work (namely a live sport production of a major international sporting event) you acknowledge that Channel 4 may receive proposals which resemble your proposal and that in some cases similar or identical ideas may be generated independently. Please note that Channel 4 reserves the right to use the information included in a producer’s proposal for any reasonable purpose connected with this process.

Channel 4 reserves the right to:
(a) Amend the process for submitting proposals at any time and Channel 4 may (at its discretion) extend the submission deadline;
(b) Cancel this project at any time;
(c) Accept or reject any producer proposal at any time prior to the notification of the award and completion of contracts, without incurring any liability to the affected producers.

 Nothing contained in this document or any other communication made between the producer and Channel 4 or its representatives (including submission of a proposal) shall constitute an agreement, contract or representation between Channel 4 and any other party (except for a formal award of contract made in writing by Channel 4). Receipt by Channel 4 of a proposal document does not imply the existence of a contract or commitment by or with Channel 4 for any purpose and producers should note that submitting a proposal may not result in the award of any business. 

No producer may hold itself out as being associated with UEFA, the UEFA European Football Championship/UEFA Euro 2024, the 2022 UEFA Nations League, the 2023 UEFA Nations League Finals, the 2024 European Qualifiers or the England National Football Team/Association in any manner as a result of participating in this process. Producers must not use Channel 4, UEFA, UEFA European Football Championship/UEFA Euro 2024, the 2022 UEFA Nations League, the 2023 UEFA Nations League Finals, the 2024 European Qualifiers or England National Football Team/Association trade-marks or logos, musical themes and other identifiers or Channel 4 Materials without Channel 4’s prior written permission.  

Producers may modify their proposal by giving written notice at any time before the submission deadline. Producers may withdraw their proposal by giving written notice at any time prior to the notification of contract award.

Producers who have been found to be in breach of confidentiality or intellectual property rights with respect to this project or who directly or indirectly canvass any employee of Channel 4 concerning the award of the contract will be disqualified and Channel 4 may pursue any remedy or take any other action for breach as it considers appropriate. Channel 4’s decision will be final.
These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.