Daytime and Features

Please find below the new Daytime and Features Brief following our departmental re-jig.

We are really excited to share with you all the opportunities that are available with our new combined Daytime & Features team.

We commission content for every part of the portfolio – from daytime, peak, More4, E4 and crucially shows that deliver on ALL4 as well, and there are opportunities available across our slate at every tariff.

And here’s our showreel to give a flavour of the range, the tone, and the brilliant talent we already work with and I hope it’s clear that the new department brings together the skills we need to spot & deliver the next generation of returnable titles.


How we’d like to work with you

We are taking fewer speculative / general / brainstorm meetings, and instead are urging people to send ideas via email to a single Comm Ed. Ideally, ideas that already have a great title that tells us exactly what the show is. We are looking for more than top line, we want to understand what slot you’re pitching for, your approach, execution and format, so that the Comm Ed can assess quickly whether it’s something they’ll be able to bring forward and champion at our ideas meeting.

When picking the Comm Ed to pitch your idea to, if you have an existing Comm Ed relationship, then please pitch your ideas through them – part of us bringing the teams from Daytime & Features together is that there’s always plenty of cross-over in territories and ideas. And if you don’t have a contact on the team, pick one and get in touch! Have a look at the mini-bios below to help steer you in the right direction, it might be that they are handy for where you are based, or that you love the shows they currently look after, and you feel they’d be a good fit for you and your big ideas.

It's best to pitch one or two of your best, that you’ve honed and are a bit obsessed with and believe that you can get us obsessed with too! Rather than 10 or 15 top lines in the hope that one sticks.


What we want

The new department is all about going back to basics & winning at life. We are looking for instantly familiar, bright & feelgood shows – that are relevant and fun for the broadest possible audience – shows for every family to watch together, whatever life stage that family’s at, and whatever that family looks like.

Features teaches you the best ways to do something yourself; Fact Ent shows you other people doing it – & I think that’s quite a useful guide - so maybe think about Features as SUBJECT first – Fact Ent about PEOPLE first when working out whether to pitch something to us or to Alf’s team.

It’s about tips, reveals, insight, instruction, aspiration & relevance.

We need some clever & innovative ways to bring excitement and NOISE to traditional territories. Think about structure & access as ways of reinventing features areas.


Features - C4 @ 8pm

We want feel good fun taking heartland viewers to their happy place. Think sledgehammer titles that we know what we’re getting – right from the off.

  • 60’ shows, across a range of tariffs (£100k-£250k+), initially in runs of 4-6 eps but that we can scale and return.
  • Quick to air relatable property that can deliver big reveals without lengthy production.
  • Health & Personal transformation, with 60’ runs of 4-6 eps at £150k-£180k.
  • Monday nights for 30’ ideas, with a slightly more consumer-focused tone.



What we do want: Simple, bold and cheeky ideas.

  • 30’ ideas that can launch at 5pm – Warm funny formats with big characters that can drive All4 viewing and are eminently bingeable. Competition / resolution and transaction will all make us sit up and take notice.
  • 60’ formats that can play at 4pm – Twists on classic territories.
  • What could nostalgia look like in Daytime? Is there a clever/modern way of bringing nostalgia to the fore?

What we don’t want:

  • we have a daily live show with lots of chat that is that is doing brilliantly so we have no need of any more live chat. We are also well-covered on sunshine property and business formats.
  • We are also looking for really broad appeal so I’d avoid pitching us anything too niche.
  • We have The Answer Trap launching soon and have also just gone through the Global Format Fund so we are well served on the quiz front.



We need the next generation of More4 shows – that feel distinctive and defining. We premiere titles at 9pm on More4 but they should be repeatable on main channel across shoulder peak – but the key is that they feel uniquely More4 when they premiere.

It’s a benevolent space so we need ideas that celebrate Britishness, eccentricity & endeavour with a focus on escapism.

We’d like to evolve the celebrity travelogue; series need a  purpose and reason for the celebrity to be in the show. Either they have a demonstrable passion or a level of personal involvement to a subject. They’re doing something that ONLY they could do.

What might archive might look like on More4 – how do you curate a list-show for that audience?

  • We are looking for 3-4 tentpole / More4 defining series for 2022 at around £100k per ep.
  • We also need some lower-cost / higher volume self-contained series that feel timeless around the £65-£70k tariff. We don’t get pitched nearly enough ideas in this category – but it’s a real target for us – so perhaps think about clever access as a way of delivering at lower tariff.



We are looking for cheeky & playful series that can deliver some volume and work for shared family viewing.

Authentic ideas that have real people and humour at their heart.

Who do we do health & wellness for the E4 audience?

We’ll also always look at dating and make-over, but ideas need a real & simple stand-out sell.

  • We need 30’ shows for the 7:30pm audience at around £50k-£60k per ep

The Daytime and Features Team

Meet the team of Commissioning Editors.

Head of Daytime and Features: Jo Street

Based at the Glasgow Hub
Diary: Lydia Francis

Commissioning Editor: Deborah Dunnett

Based at the Glasgow Hub
Diary: John Cannon

My features slate includes Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It and Location, Location, Location as well as Extraordinary Escapes with Sandi Toksvig, Taste of Italy with Nisha Katona, Great Canal Journeys, Scenic Railways and Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales

So what I’m really looking for now is the next generation of lifestyle formats: grabby titles, super-broad subject matter and a wrapper that is so fresh or inspiring that you have to tell you mates about it.

Commissioning Editor: Jayne Stanger

Based at Leeds NHQ
Diary: John Cannon

My slate includes A New Life in the Sun, Countdown, Escape to the Chateau DIY, new quiz The Answer Trap and our tentpole Daytime live show Steph’s Packed Lunch.

What I’m interested in finding is the next innovation of those classic lifestyle territories across Daytime and Features and how we present something fresh and inspiring to our audience.

Commissioning Editor: Clemency Green

Based in London
Diary: Cerise Carroll

I look after a range of shows across peak, E4 and More4. I am across our property portfolio, I look after the George Clarke shows….including Amazing Spaces and Old House New Home,  the Kirstie Allsopp craft shows as well as The Great Pottery Throwdown and Escape to the Chateau. Some of my recent commissions include Flipping Fast which is a competitive property flipping format with a massive prize at the end; and How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours, which is a 360° makeover for family finances and homes. I also have a couple of gardening shows due to TX this year for C4 and More4.  Over on E4 I look after Made in Chelsea, and I am actively looking for more returnable series for E4.

I want ideas that are immediately easy to engage with and bring a burst of joy to the audience, they should be driven by characters, expertise, escapism or voyeurism…. we do love to see inside other people houses!! I like ideas that engage with real world trends, although not niche, and have grabby titles. I want populist shows with scale. Territory wise I am very open as long as they feel broad and accessible - property, competition formats, food, hobbies, body image and makeover are all of particular interest to me.

Commissioning Editor: Kate Thomas

Based in Bristol
Diary: Cerise Carroll

My slate includes Four in a Bed, Mend it for Money and The Great House Giveaway in Daytime, and Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country in Features.  I also have a couple more exciting projects that are close to being announced!

I’m keen for another 8pm Features idea that will be a real ratings winner and a returner for Channel 4, as Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country has been.  Likewise in Daytime, I’d like to be pitched another smash hit returner that can deliver in volume – as The Great House Giveaway has done so brilliantly.  And of course, my door is always open for More4 and E4 ideas.


Assistant Editor: Jasper Hone

Based at the Bristol Hub

My slate, for Channel 4 & More4 peak, includes Food Unwrapped, Devon & Cornwall, How To Build British, The World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes and Wildest Wales (w/t).

I also manage the peak Features slate in tandem with Cerise Carroll.

Assistant Editor: Barry Agnew

Based in the Glasgow Hub

My slate includes A Place in the Sun, Come Dine With Me, Countdown, Find It Fix It Flog It and I’m also across the department’s Global Format Fund Quizzes, so a nice varied slate.

I also look after the programme deliverables for the Daytime slate in tandem with Lydia Francis.

Programme Coordinator and Genre Assistant: Cerise Carroll

Based in London

I am the Programme Coordinator for the Features slate, looking after Clem and Deborah’s output specifically. I also look after Clem and Kate’s diaries and am the point of contact for all new, on screen talent opportunities.

Programme Coordinator and Genre Assistant: Lydia Francis

Based in the Glasgow Hub

I have the ever-challenging 😉 task of looking after Jo’s diary and am Programme Co-ordinator for the Daytime slate.

Genre Assistant: John Cannon

Based in the Glasgow Hub

I am team assistant for Daytime and Features. Within Daytime and Features, I look after Jayne Stanger and Deborah Dunnett. In Entertainment I also look after Tom Beck and Antonia Howard-Taylor.