4pm - We want strong, simple formats in familiar & relatable daytime territories but with an unexpected / distinctive twist. 60’ dur


5pm An irresistible noisy top-line that we just can’t ignore for the broader / younger audience. 30’ or 60’ dur (slight preference for affordable 30's)

We want ideas we just can’t get out of our heads – that feel utterly must-have and that we couldn’t bear to see anywhere else.  That’s the feeling we’re looking for when you pitch us something.

We want Formats we can populate with diverse, engaging contributors that feel relevant, fun, aspirational or escapist; ideas that reflect people’s lives - with a multi-generational appeal - that families can watch together.

It goes without saying that we don’t want you to pitch ideas WE can’t afford to commission – so if you’re idea is going to cost more than about £35k per half hour / or £60k an hour then they’re non-starters for us. BUT …. we will commit to runs of at least 20 eps.

Daytime suppliers are brilliant at leveraging additional cash into budgets – especially from distributors, other broadcasters & screen agencies. We encourage that!

QUIZZES: I know a lot of you will want to know about Daytime quiz opportunities.

Please don’t pitch us ideas just because Phil in Ents has turned them down!

There is a real difference between an idea which is a peak idea and something that can launch and sustain on daytime – not least in terms of tariff but also gameplay.

For Daytime think about simplicity with a twist – play-along that unites broad audience – what’s that killer top line, description in a sentence? What’s the idea called? Will it pop on the EPG? Will people talk about it? What’s the tone and who’s the talent?

Launching a new quiz is a terrifying prospect at the best of times – but competition is so fierce on other channels right now that I can only back ideas that feel really big in ambition / distinctive and will get us noticed. Talent can help with that but the idea has to be infectious.

We do have 2 quizzes in paid development off the back of the last ideas round – so please only pitch us new thoughts.

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Finally I know that people do like to hear about what we DON’T want

We have enough sunshine property formats at the moment and we have to be realistic about what CAN be made safely in the later part of this year or early part of next year so please do think about that before you submit an idea.

We’d like the final version of your ideas by 17th July – in an email subject title:

Summer2020Brief Final Idea please only send one version and only to the one comm ed you are dealing with. We will aim to come back to you by mid-August

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Head of Daytime: Jo Street

based at the Glasgow Hub


Commissioning Editor: Kate Thomas

co-located between Bristol and London


Commissioning Editor: Jayne Stanger

based at Leeds HQ


Programme Coordinator and Genre Assistant: Barry Agnew

based at the Glasgow Hub

CONTACT: 0141 483 4104