In Spring 2020 Channel 4 will launch ‘The Steph Show’ – live from Leeds every weekday lunchtime Steph McGovern and guests will tackle everything from lifestyle & entertainment to news & politics & everything in between. The Steph Show will bring a distinctive new energy to the C4 daytime schedule. We’d like to capitalise on that with any new ideas we commission, shows which makes the audience want to stay with Channel 4 all afternoon.

We want you to be bold and get back to the Channel 4 roots of innovating in Daytime – giving the audience shows they don’t expect but get hooked on, with a strong & unexpected tone of voice.

Daytime viewers watch more TV than any other group – you need to respect them and treat them to the very best talent, take them to the best places, make them laugh and want to spend time with us.

We’re looking for formats that couldn’t live on any other channel – that feel distinctive and unique to C4, with a strong idea or concept at their heart and a satisfying resolution in every episode. Humour & warmth, wit, curiosity & wisdom and people being good at something they love are all values we want to embrace. Be innovative & cheeky & aim to lift the audience up.

Steph mid shot

We’re keen to find new territories & topics which matter to the audience and are relevant to their lives as well as finding fresh ways of tackling the classic daytime themes of food, holidays (UK) and homes. It might be worth thinking about how you combine themes to give a format depth & broader appeal.

We don’t want: Dating, Health, Paranormal, Fashion or gritty access series.

Antiques & collectables are well served on other channels so please only pitch something if it feels significantly innovative.

It’s also worth remembering that we need scalable & returnable ideas - a first series might be 20 episodes – successful returners can be much greater volume.

Our next development round will identify ideas we can develop, pilot and bring to screen late 2020 onwards.

New, self-contained hours for early afternoon. (3pm & 4pm) Warmth, escapism, day-dreaming, easy information in easy to follow formats.

3pm Attracts an older & slightly more male skewing audience than later in the day. We need shows which the audience can dip in & out of. Traditionally we play repeats here with only a couple of originated series every year. Find it, Fix It, Flog It plays here.

4pm The audience is broader and starts to skew a little younger. Shows like Escape to the Chateau: DIY, A Place in the Sun, A New Life in the Sun, Sun Sea & Selling Houses all play in this slot.

We have enough sunshine property formats

Noisy & surprising half hour shows that get people talking about them

5pm The audience is very broad, and we want to appeal to everyone including younger people coming back into the home. We need naturally diverse ideas which reflect people’s lives and have a multi-generational appeal - shows that families can watch together and whilst the ‘dialled-up domesticity’ of formats like Come Dine With Me & Four in a Bed work here – so does the joyful Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas & Junior Bake-Off.  How can we keep surprising the audience and change what they expect of us?  We need 30min formats we can pair with existing titles.

Come Dine With Me

Quizzes:  We have very limited opportunity for quizzes in 2020 & competition is fierce, so we only want to look at ideas that challenge the quiz status-quo and attempt something genuinely different from quizzes on other channels.

The promise of BIG MONEY and Big Talent will always appeal but formats need to be clever to make ideas affordable on the daytime tariffs.

Game-Changer formats (Like Deal or No Deal) are the Holy Grail and we’re prepared to take risks for the boldest, most exciting ideas.  Formats which have a ‘talk-about’ factor will be particularly appealing.

The Channel 4 Daytime team is based across the UK and we’d like to encourage you to make contact with the Comm Ed most convenient for you to work with / you have an existing relationship with.

All ideas for should be submitted via that Comm Ed by Friday 28th Feb 2020.

We will aim to give you swift / on-going feedback on any ideas we don’t feel are right for us.

Decisions about which ideas we want to develop further by Tuesday 31st March 2020.

Please note we do not accept programme ideas from individuals who are not attached to a production company.



Chateau with moat in foreground

Head of Daytime: Jo Street

based at the Glasgow Hub


Commissioning Editor: Kate Thomas

co-located between Bristol and London


Commissioning Editor: Jayne Stanger

based at Leeds HQ


Programme Coordinator and Genre Assistant: Barry Agnew

based at the Glasgow Hub

CONTACT: 0141 483 4104