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This section of 4producers provides in-depth information about Content and Commissioning. In each department you will find an overview, information about specific areas of programming, a contacts list and FAQs.

Please read all the available information before contacting the individual departments - you will find that the majority of your questions are answered here.

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Channel 4 is a member of the BAFTA Albert Consortium which features 12 of the UK's largest production companies and broadcasters. Founded in 2011, the Consortium is the leading think-tank on sustainability for film and television, working to raise the profile of sustainability in the industry, championing sustainable production techniques and freely providing the tools, guidance and direction needed to reduce the impact of moving image media production on the environment.


Albert is a carbon caluculator - an online tool that works out how much a TV production affects the environment. It calculates the total amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere as a direct result of making the programme.

Use of Albert the production calculator is completely free, and production companies can learn more here: http://wearealbert.org/about