World Drama

(75 shows)
Compelling Swedish thriller in which a detective must handle informants in criminal gangs
Before We Die
Haunting Italian detective drama about a police officer who seems to have a sixth sense
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Polish crime drama. A teacher uncovers small-town corruption as he investigates a murder.
The Teacher
Riveting Swedish psychological crime thriller based on an idea from a top criminologist
The Truth Will Out
Crime, violence and family dramas interweave in this Swedish psychological crime thriller
Stockholm Requiem
French action thriller about secrets, lies and murder based on a Harlan Coben novel
Just One Look
Dutch psychological thriller telling a compelling tale of sex, love, loyalty and treachery
The Adulterer
Tense, provocative Spanish thriller in which a naive young woman is imprisoned for fraud
Locked Up
Coming-of-age drama, framed within a suspenseful Cold War thriller, set in 1980s Germany
Deutschland 83
Criminal and judicial worlds are dangerously entangled in this Dutch crime thriller
Quirky Belgian crime drama about an eccentric but gifted professor and police advisor
Professor T
Stylish thriller, sequel to Deutschland 83, in which Martin Rauch is tangled in a new plot
Deutschland 86
Dark drama from Sweden in which a Stockholm lawyer returns to her hometown in icy Kiruna
Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders
A forensic pathologist becomes a killer's prime target in this Barcelona-set thriller
Night and Day
A detective faces a web of corruption in this elegant crime drama set in Sicily in 1976
Maltese: The Mafia Detective
Tense Scandinavian thriller about a terrorist cell and the police unit formed to stop it
Investigators from three countries probe a set of murders in this European crime thriller
The Team
A journalist is caught up in a deadly web in this dark political thriller from Poland
Lavish period drama from Denmark. A hotel on the North Sea coast is a hotbed of intrigue.
Seaside Hotel
Dutch drama about a darkly developing relationship between two couples who are neighbours
The Swingers
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