World Drama

(75 shows)
Haunting Italian detective drama about a police officer who seems to have a sixth sense
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Compelling Swedish thriller in which a detective must handle informants in criminal gangs
Before We Die
Polish crime drama. A teacher uncovers small-town corruption as he investigates a murder.
The Teacher
Riveting Swedish psychological crime thriller based on an idea from a top criminologist
The Truth Will Out
Crime, violence and family dramas interweave in this Swedish psychological crime thriller
Stockholm Requiem
Danish drama about a family of priests who can trace their church roots back for 250 years
Ride Upon the Storm
French action thriller about secrets, lies and murder based on a Harlan Coben novel
Just One Look
Dutch psychological thriller telling a compelling tale of sex, love, loyalty and treachery
The Adulterer
Tense, provocative Spanish thriller in which a naive young woman is imprisoned for fraud
Locked Up
Quirky Belgian crime drama about an eccentric but gifted professor and police advisor
Professor T
A forensic pathologist becomes a killer's prime target in this Barcelona-set thriller
Night and Day
Stylish thriller, sequel to Deutschland 83, in which Martin Rauch is tangled in a new plot
Deutschland 86
Criminal and judicial worlds are dangerously entangled in this Dutch crime thriller
Tense Scandinavian thriller about a terrorist cell and the police unit formed to stop it
A detective faces a web of corruption in this elegant crime drama set in Sicily in 1976
Maltese: The Mafia Detective
Coming-of-age drama, framed within a suspenseful Cold War thriller, set in 1980s Germany
Deutschland 83
Dark drama from Sweden in which a Stockholm lawyer returns to her hometown in icy Kiruna
Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders
Dutch drama about a darkly developing relationship between two couples who are neighbours
The Swingers
Investigators from three countries probe a set of murders in this European crime thriller
The Team
Lavish period drama from Denmark. A hotel on the North Sea coast is a hotbed of intrigue.
Seaside Hotel
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