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Assessing the acutely painful and highly dangerous practice of female circumcision
The Day I Will Never Forget
Channel 4 News Presenter Jon Snow examines the stories behind the headlines
Jon Snow Explains
What are the medics and the ICU specialists really going through to keep people alive?
NHS Heroes: Fighting to Save Our Lives
Russell Brand hosts a studio debate looking at the issues surrounding drugs and addiction
The Big Drugs Debate
The unfolding story of how protesters moved from peaceful demos to Molotov cocktails
The Battle for Hong Kong
Investigating the question everyone is asking - What does Covid-19 feel like?
What's It Like to Catch Coronavirus?
A close-up portrait charting Farage's epoch-making impact on British politics
Farage: The Man Who Made Brexit
Krishnan Guru-Murthy hosts a debate between the main candidates to become the UK's next PM
Live: Britain's Next PM - The C4 Debate
Why is lockdown still happening? What will the world be like when restrictions are lifted?
When Will Lockdown End?
Jon Snow hosts an in-depth debate on the legacy of Bloody Sunday
Northern Ireland: The Debate
As the coronavirus spreads, a look at the pressing questions all of us are asking
Coronavirus: Can Our NHS Cope?
In a programme originally shown in 2002, Jon Snow chairs a debate on the war with Iraq
War on Iraq: Which Side Are You On?
Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents a live studio debate on the Brexit crisis
Brexit Debate: A Very British Coup?
Jeremy Paxman hosts the final debate before the EU Referendum
Europe: The Final Debate with Jeremy Paxman
A live Brexit debate, with four politicians and an audience with diverse perspectives
The Real Brexit Debate