Money Experts React


Financial adviser Emmanuel Asuquo & property expert Tayo Oguntonade are teaming up to discuss and advise people in need during the cost of living crisis. From a young couple who are worried if they can afford their first mortgage, to a university student who can’t afford to go out and socialise, to a family who has had to give up their family pet, or perhaps a young family going into energy debt and worried about the consequences. 

We also welcome stories of a lighter nature too. Perhaps you're looking for advice on saving up for your first holiday, buying an outfit for your 21st birthday on a budget, or maybe you're saving up for a laptop or camera to start your own business. 

We would love to hear your personal stories, not just the ones that I mentioned above. Let us know how the cost of living crisis has had an impact on your social/love/work/personal life and get advice from Emmanuel and Tayo - they want to help and are two experts in the field of finance. 

If you have a 'side hustle' or a small/medium business and have been impacted by the cost of living crisis we would like to hear from you as well. Have your distribution costs gone up? Have you found that there is now less demand for your product or service because your customers are watching their pennies? Have you had to resort to using lower quality products? 

To apply please visit:   Bit.ly/mtcasting

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