Health Hacks (w/t)

Take part in Channel 4’s new health series Health Hacks (w/t) that looks at the health topics we all want to know about. From big public interest experiments and medical breakthroughs to investigating popular health claims, we want to find out the best way to tackle the health problems that affect us all. 

We need willing volunteers to take part in the exciting health experiments that will run through our episodes. These experiments will be run with support from medical experts.

Participants may be required to alter their diet or an aspect of their lifestyle for a period.
Do you want expert help with your dieting? Visit https://diet.take-part.co.uk to apply now.
Would you like to learn how to lead a healthier life? Visit https://lifestyle.take-part.co.uk to apply now.
Would you like help dealing with persistent pain? Visit https://pain.take-part.co.uk to apply now.
Would you like to manage your work or lifestyle stress? Visit to apply now email: lovec4healthseries@loveproductions.co.uk 
Experiments will last anywhere from 6-10 weeks.
If you are interested in knowing more – with no obligation to participate – please register your details via the websites above and a member of the team will be in touch for a chat.
Due to the high volume of applications we unfortunately can’t get back to everyone.

Please note that your details will be received by member of Love Productions. Love Productions will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy.