Five Guys a Week (w/t)

“Five Guys a Week” (working title) is a totally new television dating series for Channel 4.

We’re looking for single men and women who want to find their perfect match - so if you’re fed up of the dating apps, are struggling to find true love and want to be matched by a dedicated team – then fill in your details so that we can start getting to know you.

In each episode, a singleton will be matched by our team with five potential suitors. The suitors will come to stay with them for a week and share every aspect of their life.  After all, it’s not until you live with someone that you really get to know them! Over the course of the week, the singleton will send the suitors home until they're left with the one they think could be their perfect partner.

Applications are open now to take part click HERE

Applications need to be received by end of Summer 2019.

Please note that your application will be received by member of Label 1 Productions who will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy.