Relax & unwind with Soar: Tree of Life

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13 June 2017

Soar: Tree of Life is a relaxing exploration based adventure game designed to restore colour and beautiful music to a stunning but forgotten land. The Tree of Life has faded so a drought of colour has fallen on the Island of Paradise. You need to unite the birds and colours to bring beauty back to the island and rejuvenate the tree. 

Key features include:
• Relaxing and simple controls, either by tilting your phone or simple push mechanics for turning
• 7 levels to complete to restore the 7 colours
• Beautiful and varied music for each level
• Also available in VR from the Oculus store.


On top of being a fun adventure game, Soar: Tree of Life has numerous health benefits. With an almost immediate relaxing effect, the gaming app also offers improvement to focus and reducing anxiety as well as lowering blood pressure and heart rate naturally.
Soar: Tree of Life was developed by eLearning Studios. They offer a portfolio of learning technology design and development services including eLearning, Mobile Learning, Gameful eLearning Design, Apps, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Serious Games and blended solutions. 

Download Soar: Tree of Life on Apple, Google Play and Oculus stores.

Relax & unwind with Soar: Tree of Life