Old People’s Home for 4 year Olds

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5 October 2018

Following on from last years’ heart-warming and inspirational series Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, where for six weeks, 11 pensioners shared a classroom with ten 4-year olds, in this brand new 5-part series, we’re off to one of the largest retirement villages in the UK, Lark Hill, on the outskirts of Nottingham, where for three-months in a specially built nursery, the classmates' ages will range from just three to 102.

Throughout the series, the interactions between these unlikely classmates will be observed by a team of geriatric specialists, who will be measuring the impact of pre-schoolers on the mood, memory and mobility of the older group, whilst a child development specialist will observe what effects having classmates almost a century older, has on the youngsters emotional and social development as well as their language skills.

In the first episode we meet Lark Hill residents, 102-year-old Sylvia, Dunkirk veteran, 97-year-old Victor and get to watch as a fledgling friendship between four-year-old Scarlett, who lost her mum when she was only three, and shy 84-year-old Beryl begins to blossom, does it continue? To find out, make sure you’re in front of the telly at 9pm on Monday 8 October – Channel 4 really will be the only place to be.

If you want to know more about bringing older and younger generations together in your community, St Monica Trust, who featured in series 1 - have produced a free guide packed full of tips and inspirational stories – which you can read HERE


Since the end of filming for series 2 in June 2018, the older group from Lark Hill and the children have had regular meetings including summer picnics and Sunday morning fun times. Some of the older group have visited the children at home. There was shared excitement and support from the older group when the children had their first day at big school in September.

Scarlett and Beryl continue to see each other, as do Lily and Ken.

Mason and his Mum are regular visitors to Lark Hill and Lavinia has had visits from Phoenix, her young friend from the first episode. The two groups will be reunited for a very special Christmas episode in December 2018.

Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds