Channel 4 Statement - India's Rape Scandal

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6 August 2021

In response to recent contacts received regarding India’s Rape Scandal, Channel 4’s response to these are as follows:

The film, India’s Rape Scandal,  looked at two recent rape cases that have received widespread coverage in India and internationally, both for their shocking circumstances and the involvement of high-profile political figures.

All rapes are to be condemned but the two cases featured in the programme cause particular concern across all communities in India because they raise important questions about the ability of victims to obtain justice when the accused in rape cases are politically powerful or influential. As the film reported, Prime Minister Modi himself has intervened in this debate, with strong criticism and condemnation of the treatment of the victim in the first case.    

This programme was duly impartial and in full compliance with Channel 4’s obligations under the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.  As indicated in the programme, responses to its content were sought from the relevant Uttar Pradesh authorities.  As was reported, they did not respond, but the programme did nonetheless reflect the public statements that have been made by those authorities in the past.

As a broadcaster and news provider, Channel 4 has a long record of covering such matters both home and abroad in news, current affairs and documentary programmes such as Dispatches which has a remit to report on stories from around the world.