Never miss your favourite show

Missing your favourite programme? Worried you might miss it when it comes back? You're in the right place.


Can't wait for the next series of Brooklyn 99 to arrive on E4? Maybe you're patiently waiting for a new series of Grand Designs on Channel 4.  Whatever the programme, #4RemindMe is on hand to tell you when your favourite show is returning.

All you need to do is simply drop us a tweet (@4Viewers) with the name of the series along with the hashtag #4RemindMe and we'll send you a DM (Direct Message) on Twitter the moment we get news - you'll never be out of the loop again!

Just be sure to follow @4Viewers on Twitter or we won't be able to DM you!

So whether you're missing those Derry Girls or holding out for a happy ending on The 100, you can rely on #4RemindMe to keep you up to date.