Meet The Circle

Can you believe it’s been a year since we first met Dan, Sian, Freddie and the rest of the gang?

Time flies, but The Circle won’t stay empty for much longer...

So, in alphabetical order... let’s meet The Class of 2019...


AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Disclosure officer

LOCATION: Buckinghamshire

Convinced that romance is dead in 2019, travel-blogger Brooke is hoping her time in The Circle will prove her wrong.

She has decided to play as herself as being a catfish would be ‘hard work’. Although, she’ll be keeping one thing hidden – her job.  Brooke feels revealing that could make her a target amongst the catfish, stating that the last thing they want is someone with her ‘preeing skills’ sniffing them out. 


AGE: 31


LOCATION: Manchester

As she believes straight privilege is prevalent in society, Emelle is hoping that playing it straight will help her get ahead in the game. That’s why before going into The Circle, Emelle has enlisted the help of her friends to get some useful tips on how to flirt with men.

This game plan certainly proved a successful tactic with last year’s runner-up, will Emelle go one step further and nab that prize? Time will tell.


AGE: 21

OCCUPATION: Tailoring Industry

LOCATION: Nottingham

Georgina hopes to play The Circle as a ‘full on sleuth’ taking notes along the way to suss out those catfish, as one of her biggest pet peeves about social media is fake people. When creating her own profile for The Circle,  Georgia aims to fill it full of pictures of her and her friends having fun, choosing to play as herself in order to enjoy the experience for what it is.

Having lived with Crohn’s disease, Georgia says she’ll donate to a dedicated charity if she wins... after buying herself a nice new handbag of course, because why not?


AGE: 26

OCCUPATION: Recruitment consultant

LOCATION: Liverpool

Family man James is going into The Circle as single mother Sammie, hoping to pull on the heartstrings  of the other players. James says he has huge admiration for single mothers, having been raised by one and is doing the show to change his family’s life for the better.

Cheeky James isn’t shy to stirring the pot either, stating that he’s prepared to turn players against each other as he plans on causing ‘an absolute racket’ if it gets him closer to that £100,000.


AGE: 43

OCCUPATION: Tanning salon owner

LOCATION: Hampshire

Mother of four Katie applied after feeling she was going through a midlife crisis... plus she admits that lovely new prize fund caught her eye, can’t say we blame her.

Fearing the other players will write her off as ‘an old bird’ - Katie’s decided to play as her 25 year old son Jay, who she describes as her best mate – aw!  Plus, she’d like to find Jay love during her time on the show, telling us he is ‘useless at chatting up women’ by himself.

Asked how far she’ll go to win, Katie says ‘whatever it takes’.

Well, we can’t wait to find out what that means!


AGE: 35


LOCATION: Somerset

Country man Sy feels The Circle could be the perfect adventure in the big city – someone probably should have told him he’ll be locked inside an apartment for up to 3 weeks…

Having been the victim of a real-life catfish in the past, Sy wishes he could play the game as someone else but reckons his memory would let him down. Describing himself as loud, cheeky and above all ‘the nice guy’, Sy’s open to finding love in The Circle – so perhaps a potential farmer’s wife awaits?


AGE: 58

OCCUPATION: University academic and animator


Describing himself as a cross between ‘Santa & Mrs Doubtfire’, our oldest player Tim has certainly lived an eventful life. Having once been a monk, before being kicked out out of the monastery and heading to Oxford, Tim now works as a professor in Moscow. He also ran as a UKIP MP in 2015 because he wanted to ‘expose them’. 

Tim worries that because he’s had such an unusual life, that the other players may well think he’s a catfish! Perhaps the colourful array of bow ties will win them over...


AGE: 18


LOCATION: Brighton

A self proclaimed 'reformed social media addict' and son of Fatboy Slim & Zoe Ball, Woody says he's become used to people pre-judging or taking advantage of him because of who his parents are. That's why in The Circle, he'll be keeping his celeb parents a secret from the rest of the players.

Speaking of secrets, when asked how he'll deal with potential catfishes, Woody reckons it's always best to keep chatting to them. Why? To waste as much of their time as possible of course.


We’re already at the half-way point of the series, and it’s safe to say a lot has happened in such a short space of time.

Emelle was first out the door and farmer Sy soon followed, Richard Madeley was tasked with getting himself blocked – (and succeeded, so long Judy!) then we waved goodbye to catfish Kate… but this is The Circle and we all know, when one player is blocked, another profile is soon unlocked.




AGE: 29

OCCUPATION: Business Development

LOCATION: Newcastle

Former model Beth has entered The Circle catfishing as a ‘glammed down’ version of herself, as despite studying at Newcastle College and obtaining 3 A-Levels, Beth feels people underestimate her intelligence by putting her beauty over brains.

Beth has also told a little white lie about her age, updating her Circle profile to 26 instead of 29, and she remains confident that she can win The Circle based on personality alone.


AGE: 24



Ella is out to spread the message of body-positivity, stating that online beauty standards is one thing that really bugs her about social media.

That’s why Ella’s motivation for entering The Circle is to bring attention to the fact that chasing unrealistic body shapes can be damaging to self esteem, adding that ‘variety is the spice of life’ - you said it, Ella!


AGE: 29

OCCUPATION: Business Owner


Jack describes himself as a ‘free spirit who wants to stay young forever’ - so it’s no surprise that he quickly secured himself the nickname of Peter Pan within an hour of entering his apartment.

When asked his relationship status, Jack admits he’s currently ‘Single AF’ as he’s never had a proper girlfriend before – perhaps he’ll find love in The Circle? We’ve already seen him catch the eye of Paddy and another fellow newcomer, which brings us nicely onto...


AGE: 31

OCCUPATION: Disabled Social Media Activist


Branding himself as ‘the disabled assassin’, Paddy entered The Circle in Episode 10 as himself, though he does have one game plan in mind – he’ll be concealing his cerebral palsy until he decides to share it with the players, stating that he hopes to find players that like him for him rather than the crutches.

Having built up a strong base of 100,000 followers on his 6 year old Instagram account, Paddy will be hoping his social media appeal will carry over into The Circle, but we’ll soon find out just how he gets on…