4Music Player

When I am using the 4Music Player, why does the video keep buffering?

It’s normal for the video to buffer for a short time before playing and on changing channel.

However, if the video continues to buffer for a long time the most likely cause is that your Internet connection isn’t fast enough, or you have an intermittent connection. This can sometimes occur if you are using a shared Internet connection and somebody else is using it at the same time. Another common reason is that you’re using a mobile data connection. But of course your Internet connection may just not be fast enough, in which case you should talk to your ISP.

Check your Internet connection speed by using a speed test site such as www.speedtest.net (we take no responsibility for third party websites). We recommend a minimum speed of 2 Mb/s, but the service will still function at lower bandwidths, albeit with reduced video quality. However, once the available bandwidth drops below about 700 Kb/s the player is unlikely to work at all.

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