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Why am I getting an audio track over the film I am watching?

Audio description on Freeview makes use of two audios. The first is the normal stereo programme sound that all viewers use. The second audio carries only mono audio description which has mix control data associated with it. It is likely you are receiving the audio description service. A Netgem Freeview box makes use of the above to produce a fully mixed stereo audio which incorporates the audio description for blind viewers. As a result of recent feedback from viewers, it has become apparent that there are some Freeview receivers that are able to select the second audio channel as a multi-language option. Note that although obviously in English, this second audio is not suitable for use by itself as it provides only audio description and should be deselected thereby negating the problem. If the above does not help, you will need to contact whoever supplies your signal and they should be able to help.

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