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How do I find a programme to watch on my iPad?

On the iPad you can search for content by accessing the different menu options on the home screen or via the global navigation at the top of the page:

At the top of the On Demand page there are viewing suggestions from our editors.

The All 4 home button at the top left of the app allows you to return to the On Demand homepage at any time.
Catch Up enables you to search for content by broadcast date.
Box Sets are complete series collections of our favourite shows.
Shorts include original All 4 shorts.
A-Z Categories enables you to search for content alphabetically or by category.
My4 enables you to quickly resume episodes you have partly watched and recommends you the next available episode in the programme you are watching.
Search enables you to find programmes by typing in the name of the show with the on-screen keyboard.

You can see more information about a programme by tapping on its title of in the A-Z Categories menu by selecting its image. You can then switch between series, if more than one is available, by tapping on the buttons at the top of the screen.

Not found what you are looking for yet?

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