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How do I improve sound on my computer?

To adjust the volume of video in the Player, click and drag the volume indicator in the control panel below the main image. If you are unable to increase the volume to an adequate level, check the Main volume and Wave volume of your computer system, which will override the volume level of the player. You can usually access your system volume by clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Windows Task Bar.

Ensure you have mute unchecked and all external speakers connected properly.

Speaker settings: To view your PC's speaker setting go to your PC's Control Panel and open the Sounds and Audio Devices control. In the Sound and Audio Devices Properties dialog, go to the Volume tab and in the Speaker settings section click the Advanced button. In the Advanced Audio Properties dialog, go to the Speakers tab and verify that your Speaker set-up is configured to match your PC's speaker configuration. If you have a six speaker 5.1 stereo system, select 5.1 surround sound speakers from the Speaker set-up drop down. Alternatively, if your PC has stereo speakers or you are using a laptop, select the appropriate stereo setting from the Speaker set-up drop down.

If your Speaker set-up is set to a mono setting, you should change the setting to an appropriate stereo setting (as some videos encoded with 5.1 surround sound experience low centre channel sound if your PC's Speaker set-up is set to a mono setting). In most cases turning up the volume control and adjusting the speaker settings will allow sound to play properly.

Please consult your computer manual/help for additional troubleshooting regarding sound settings specific to your computer.

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