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How do I become a presenter?

Anyone wishing to become a presenter will need to produce a showreel to forward to production companies and casting agents. To help you we have listed some points to remember when making one:

  • A showreel should be interesting, fun and certainly no more than 4-5 minutes in length
  • Include several short scenes e.g. reporting from a special event or interviewing someone in a mock studio
  • Remember that the first minute is the most crucial to gain the viewers attention
  • Don't go to great expense to make the showreel, try and get family or friends to shoot it for you
  • When you send your showreel to a production company enclose a covering letter and ensure your name, age and contact details are clearly marked on it
  • Never send your master copy to a production company - they can't guarantee its return
  • Production companies may take some time to respond, especially if they are not currently casting

PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television) have a directory which lists contact details for independent production companies. Contact Pact to subscribe to their online directory of independent production companies.

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