Technical Information

I'm having problems with streaming, what can I do?

Streaming requires an internet connection that's free of bottlenecks. However, the internet isn't a direct pipeline from the source to you. Streamed content passes through many other computers on its way to your PC via your ISP. If any one of them is carrying too much other traffic, the streamed content may be interrupted and pause. Our streamed content is 'buffered' to help prevent such problems, but sometimes delays are unavoidable. Usually the delay only lasts a few seconds, and the stream picks up where it stopped. Streaming problems are more likely to occur on a slow computer or device that has a smaller memory and processing power. Even with a fast computer or device, if you have too many applications open it could slow down your media streaming. If you notice things are sluggish, close all unnecessary applications and windows on your computer or device. The faster your network connection (modem, cable, DSL) and computer speed (in megahertz), the higher the quality of the stream.

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