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What is 4Music?

1. How does 4Music choose the music artists featured on the channel?

We always endeavour to play not only a high quality of music but music in popular demand from our audience. When choosing a well known artist their performance in the charts and ILR (Independent Local Radio) will be the main deciding factor. However, we also need to support new acts and these acts will be highlighted when they’re seen to be receiving a lot of backing from radio & TV.

2. How are playlists chosen?

The 4Music team have a weekly playlist meeting where new music videos are highlighted. The team will then decide the best way to package and present these videos and playlists are decided.

3. How do I submit a music video to be considered for your playlist?

Music videos are only accepted through a legitimate record label who will then deliver it via our Fastrax system. We do not accept DVDs or Beta sent directly into us.

4. Why are some artists/videos so frequently repeated?

All our videos are chosen on what we judge to be of a high quality but we also respond to videos that are in popular demand from our audience. If the artist/group is well known with a large fan base we tend to play their new tracks frequently because we know the demand for them is there.

5. How do I apply for job or work experience with you?

The Box Plus Network is a joint venture between Channel 4 and Bauer. Box Plus is made up of the following channels; The Box, Box Upfront, Box Hits, 4Music, Magic, Kiss, Kerrang! and the digital channel BeBox, www.beboxmusic.com and the Box Plus app. It’s best to look at the company websites for any current jobs or work experience opportunities; www.boxplus.com .

6. Can I obtain a copy of the running order for a playlist or chart?

Unfortunately we don’t give out copies of our playlists due to copyright infringements.

7. Where can I find out if a specific programme is going to be repeated?

You can find our full channel listings 7 days prior to the air time on your Television’s EPG.

8. Do you sell CDs or DVDs of the playlists/charts that you broadcast?

Yes, some of our charts/playlists are created to promote new CDs. You can look out for these specific CDs by keeping an eye on our channel promotions and competitions.

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