Technical Information

How do I link All 4 to my Google Assistant enabled device?

In order to use All 4 with the Google assistant you must first link your All 4 account with the Google account you use to access the Google Assistant (both on your mobile device or a Google Home device)

To link your All 4 account:

On your mobile device
1. Open the Google Home App
2. Tap the navigation menu (3 lines in the top left corner of the app)
3. Tap More Settings…
4. Tap Videos and Photos
5. Find All 4 in the list of available video services and click Link
6. Fill in your All 4 account details and click Sign In

Your accounts will now be linked and you you can use the Google Assistant with All 4. For more details how this works, please click here. For more info on the Google Assistant, click here

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