Technical Information

Can I access All 4 using Google Assistant on my Google Home or mobile device?

Yes! You can now access all All 4 shows using your Google Assistant on your Google Home (using a Chromecast) or your mobile device.

Google Assistant on your Google Home device
You can ask your Google Home device to play an All 4 show on a Chromecast device by saying…
• Ok Google, Play Bake Off on the Living Room TV
Google Assistant on your mobile device
You can ask the Google Assistant to search for an show in the All 4 app by saying
• Ok Google, Play The Inbetweeners

You can also control your Chromecast device by saying:
Ok Google…

• Pause
• Play
• Rewind 30 Seconds
• Fast forward to 5 mins before the end
• Next/previous episode
• What is playing?
• How long is left?
• Stop
For more info on controlling video with the Google Assistant click here

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