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6 September 2019

The Island with Bear Grylls is back for its sixth series, but this time with an almighty twist - for the first time ever, there's £100,000 in cash being dropped across The Island. Now, not only will the Islanders have to withstand the elements and whatever surprises nature throws their way, but they'll also be on the hunt for cash. 

THE BIG QUESTION IS, If they find the cash, will they share it with the rest of the group, or secretly hide it and keep it for themselves?  But if they try to leave before the series ends, well they can kiss goodbye to whatever they’ve found.

This year we’ve got islanders from all ages and all walks of life, so let's take a look at the 12 contestants who will soon be setting up camp in the middle of the Pacific...


Having served six years in the military, 30 year old Marco from Sunderland now works as both a wedding photographer and a graphic designer.

This 33 year-old Scouser works in the fitness industry and has experience in running boot camps - will Elissa be putting the other castaways through their paces? Time will tell.

The 42 year-old paediatric neurosurgeon prepares to say goodbye to Belfast and hello to the beach as he joins the other islanders on Sunday.

At just 30 years of age, Emily from Suffolk works as a self-employed dental nurse.

51 year-old Jim lives in Kent and takes on projects across the UK in his role as Company Director for his own consultants business.

28 year-old Cat is a nurse from Essex. Between her and Mano, it seems this year's contestants are well looked after when it comes to the many dangers that lie ahead on The Island.

Berkshire lady Morag is 58 years of age and, along with her husband, manages a portfolio of properties in her area.

At 75 years-old, B&B owner Irene from Scotland is the oldest contestant to ever set foot on The Island.

From oldest, to youngest - 20 year old Ruby works as a supervisor at her local restaurant in Yorkshire.

London boy Jack is 24 years old. He's been running his own business for the last year and is a fully qualified plumbing & heating engineer – which we're absolutely sure will come in handy around camp...

A member of the British aristocracy and first cousins (once removed) with Prince Phillip. 55 year-old Ivar currently runs his estate in Devon with his husband.

Having recently moved from Middlesbrough to Manchester, this 27 year-old father to be works as a double-glazing salesman. 

So there you have it, 12 ready-to-go contestants and six amazing weeks in store. It all kicks off this Sunday at 9PM on Channel 4.

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