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23 September 2019

For 3 weeks from 18th September 2018, the nation watched as a group of players made an apartment block in London their home, except this wasn’t any apartment block – this was The Circle and just like that, a brand new reality show for the social media age was born.

Now we’re back to do it all over again and this time, The Circle is bigger than ever before and we’re here to give you the low down on what to expect when Series 2 kicks off this Tuesday at 9.15pm on Channel 4.

New Host, hu dis?

Emma Willis is certainly no stranger to fronting ground-breaking reality shows and when we caught up with Emma to get her take on all things Circle related, it’s safe to say excited would be an understatement…

“I’m delighted to be part of something that’s incredibly relevant, I can’t wait to join the team and see how mischievous people are prepared to be for £100,000.”

Playin’ for that paper!

This year the players will be competing for a life-changing sum of £100K.  Viewers from last year will remember that Alex Hobern (aka Kate) walked away with £75,000 after being voted by his fellow players as the most popular player in The Circle (worth £50K) and then topping it off with another £25K after winning the public vote – all in one night!

So, having played a blinder, Alex was certainly the cat(fish) that got the cream. Now that the ante has well and truly been upped, what lengths will this year’s players go to in order to bag that £100K?

Anyone can be anyone…

We really do mean anyone! Not only did we have Alex disguised as real life girlfriend Kate, but there was 22 year old Sinead playing as her 65 year old grandfather and then there was Freddie, who chose to play it straight during his time on the show and went on to finish in 2nd place.


Every Friday night you can join Emma for the live vote and those of you who watched last year will know just how tense those blocking group chats can get.

We’ll get to see all the back and forth messages, the stress, the tactics and the drama in the lead up to that gut-wrenching elimination, as one unlucky player finds themselves blocked from The Circle.

Being blocked has it’s up side though they'll be in the studio with Emma on Friday. Who knows what way it’ll go? Remember Aidan & Mitchell? Aww… then again, remember Scotty and Hannah? Awk-ward!

Friday Night Vote!

Finally, this year we’re giving you more influence than ever before. As The Circle itself becomes more mischievous than before, viewers will be given more control to allow them to interact with the game and maybe even change how the contestants play during the remainder of their stay.

So, there you have it, on Tuesday 24th September at 9:15pm on Channel 4 – a fresh batch of players will inhabit The Circle – let the games begins...

Oh and FYI The Circle will be nightly at 10pm (except Saturday) on Channel 4…

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