Indian Film Season 2021

Our Indian Film Season is back a little earlier this year but with the same stellar line-up of 8 great films across Film 4 and Channel 4 – from brand new network premieres to much-loved Bollywood classics, we've got it all. Not to mention that every film will be available on All4 following its transmission alongside an exclusive filmed introduction from our season curator Nasreen Kabir.

To mark the birth centenary of the legendary Satyajit Ray, our season of films starts with a screening of not one, but two films from his vast body of work.

Season curator Nasreen Kabir personally introduces this year's line-up, helping to contextualise the films showing as part of Indian Film Season across Film4, Channel 4 and All4




Set in Calcutta in the 1950s, Satyajit Ray directs this tale of a lower-middle class family who struggle to make ends meet. Realising the dire straits her family face, Arati (Madhabi Mukherjee) sets out to find a job - much to the annoyance of her very traditional Father-in-law. However, a change in circumstance means the entire family must accept Arati's role as bread winner when her husband loses his own job.

Early hours of Tuesday 25 May at 1.15am on Film 4. 


It's a tangled tale of romance when Charulata (Madhabi Mukherjee) finds herself feeling lonely in her marriage due to her husband Bhupati's (Sailen Mukherjee)  absorbent in politics and work - but when Bhupati's younger cousin pays a visit, Charulata soon finds the companion she's been longing for - but what happens when friendship turns to love?

Early hours of Wednesday 26 May at 00:55am on Film4.  The film is available on All 4 catch up HERE

THAPPAD (THE SLAP)  (2020) (Network Premiere)

Amrita leads a seemingly perfect life in a seemingly perfect, upper-middle class relationship - that is until her husband suddenly slaps her at a party in their home causing Amrita to question the future of their relationship.   Anubhav Sinha’s drama is based on the 2008 novel by the same name.

Early Hours of Friday 28 May at 2.10am Channel 4. 

EEB ALLAY OOO! (2019) (Network Premiere)

After his brother-in-law (Shashi Bhushan) finds down-on-his-luck Anjani (Shardul Bharadwaj) a job as a ‘monkey chaser’ – contracted to keep the large flow of primates away from the government buildings of New Delhi - Anjani quickly realises the challenge that comes with the job. The problem? He can't master the set of cries required to scare away the monkeys, but Anjani finds his own surreal fix in this debut feature from documentary filmmaker Prateek Vats.

Early hours of Wednesday 2 June at 1.45am on Channel 4. The film is available on All 4 catch up HERE

IEWDUH (Market) (2019) (Network Premiere)

Albert Mawrie stars as Mike, an eternal optimist and lovelorn dreamer who maintains the public toilets in the alleys of the Bara Bazaar marketplace in Shillong.  Mike finds himself intimately caught up in the lives of those around him in this tale of friendship and compassion.

Early hours of Friday 4 June at 2.20am on Channel 4. The film is available on All 4 catch up HERE

PINKI ELLI? (Where is Pinki?) (2020) (Network Premiere)

This tense new thriller in the Kannada language comes packed with multiple twists and turns, as young mother Bindu (Akshatha Pandavapura) comes home to discover that not only has her 8 month old daughter gone missing - but so has the maid who was looking after her. Together with her estranged husband, Bindu sets off on a quest to find her daughter.

Early hours of Wednesday 9 June at 2.20am - Channel 4.   The film is available on All 4 catch up HERE

GOOD NEWWZ  (2019) (Network Premiere)

In this star-studded comedy, successful couple Varun (Akshay Kumar) and Deepti (Kareena Kapoor) seem to have it all, one is a car room CEO and the other is a celebrity journalist - but the one thing the pair want more than anything is a baby.  Signing up for IVF treatment, the couple are soon shocked to discover Varun's sperm has been given to a lady named Monika (Kiara Advani), meanwhile Deepti's egg has been fertilised by none other than Monika's husband...

Early Hours of Friday 11 June at 2.15am - Channel 4.  The film is available on All 4 catch up HERE.

BOMBAY  (1995) (Network Premiere)

This years’ season draws to a close with the critically acclaimed and much-loved classic, Bombay. Mani Ratnam's drama still resonates as a powerful plea for religious tolerance, following two lovers (Arvind Swami and Manisha Koirala) who run away to Bombay after their fathers, one a Muslim - the other Hindu, clash over their marriage. Years later though, the couple find themselves torn apart when religious rioting erupts in the city.

Early Hours of Wednesday 16 June at 2am -  Channel 4. The film is available on All 4 catch up HERE.

There you have it! Head over to Twitter and let us know which of our many network premieres you’re most excited to see (@4Viewers) – and we hope you’ll enjoy this years’ selection of some of the best contemporary and classic Indian cinema.