DISPATCHES: The Truth About Traveller Crime

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18 April 2020

In response to correspondence received regarding the above documentary, Channel 4 have issued the following response.

Channel 4 has a strong track record and remit to conduct public debate including about difficult and uncomfortable issues. This programme examined an important issue which was addressed fairly, accurately, and with due impartiality in accordance with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.

The programme analysed crime statistics regarding the association between crime levels and some traveller sites. The programme included contributions from Travellers and Traveller advocates as well as contributors who told of their experiences of living near certain Traveller sites and who questioned the authorities’ approach to criminality.  Other representative groups were approached but did not respond or declined to take part in the programme.

Viewer Enquiries will not respond to individual correspondence, but all correspondence received will be logged for the information of those responsible for our programming.