The Celebrity Circle

The Contestants

Tonight (09.03.21) sees our first ever batch of celebrities enter The Circle apartments, and we're on hand with a pre-show warm up to get you all caught up with who's who and who's playing who!

Baga Chipz

RuPaul's Drag Race UK Finalist

Playing as: Kim Woodburn

“I haven't got to eat creepy crawlies or I haven't got to do intense fitness workouts. So, I was like, basically I'll be sitting on my ass trying to catfish people.”

"I'm new to the game, but I might be one of the most famous women in Britain at the moment! Since Drag Race, I've been given all these opportunities and I was just like, "You know what? I'm actually a fan of that show."

As any fan of the show will know, The Circle isn't complete without its fair share of catfish - so we asked Baga Chipz why she decided to play as Kim Woodburn, "I've got a leg up because we are very, very good friends, and I've been on the phone to her. She's always phoning me, she’s telling me everything. I know a lot about the real Kim."

And, very-very-good friend Kim was also happy to give her own piece of advice on how to catfish as The Queen of Clean:

"She's told me, "I can't even switch a computer on." If I go on there being all technical and whizzy, they're going to be like, "This is a 78-year-old woman and she's saying things like ‘LOL’ I'll say, "What are you saying? Speak English”. And then they will educate Kim on all this text speech. I'm going to be very clever, and I'm going to be a 78-year-old woman.

Denise Van Outen


Playing as: Herself

“I caught Richard Madeley on it the last time I was watching, and I thought it was really fun, so yeah, just can't wait to get started.”


"I'm just going to be myself, have a bit of fun, just try to suss them out, see if I can work out if I know any of them because if I see names of people that I've worked with, I will have questions that I can ask them just to try and suss out if they're genuine."

That's right, Denise is entering The Celebrity Circle as herself - but there were a few possible candidates for her catfish persona:

"I was thinking I could keep it quite Essex-y still, so I was thinking maybe Gemma Collins or Joey Essex would be quite funny. I was thinking with Joey because you can do the whole reem thing, and then I thought of maybe being Danny Dyer because that could be quite fun. But then I thought if I'm Danny I'd have to do a lot of swearing, and I don't really want to be swearing all the time."

Good thing Denise decided against playing as Gemma Collins because that brings us nicely onto...

Kaye Adams & Nadia Sawalha


Playing as: Gemma Collins

"We have both met Gemma on a number of occasions and whenever she's on Loose Women to be interviewed, you always know that there's going to be lots of surprises. She never, ever responds the way that you think that she's going to. It's just great to be able just to jump into The GC and act out a little bit."

Loose Women duo Kaye and Nadia will be entering The Celebrity Circle together. When asked how they will keep each other entertained locked up in the apartment, Kaye said: "We're quite good at being in the same space and not having to talk to each other as well, so, yeah, it's not something I worry about, funny enough, and I would with most other people in life."

Meanwhile, Nadia has been gearing up to get into the role of the GC already!

Nadia: "I'm going to try and get her dressed up as GC and get the accent and stuff, because I think it's important, and it will just make me laugh."

Kaye: "Oh yes, she's been ordering kaftans off Amazon like crazy! She's actually going to be a pain in the ass for a week! I'm beginning to rethink the whole idea!"

Duncan James


Playing as: Himself

"It's nice to actually get out the house and do some work, just something to escape from the lockdown. I've been with my mum the whole time. I've loved it but you do start to go a little bit crazy at times, don't you?"

Duncan will be riding solo during his time on the show, but by the sounds of it - that won't detract from him catching a catfish"

"I would play the gullible sheep and be like, "Oh my God, I can't believe you're in here." Even if I figured out it wasn't really them, I would just probably go along with it and try to build up a fake alliance thinking that it's really my friend when I know it's not really them. The possibilities are endless with this. It's just so much fun.

"I'm not great at social media. I'm not from that generation. My daughter, who's 15, she knows a lot more about social media than me. But having said that, I want to learn more about it. And hopefully there's some players in there that can help me a little bit and figure things out with the whole social media thing to give me some tips, that would be quite cool."

Lady Leshurr


Playing as: Big Narstie

"I'm just full of banter. Anybody who knows me off Instagram or Snapchat will know that I have got this energy 24/7, so there's never going to be a dull day in Leshurr's house."

At first, Lady Leshurr planned on entering The Celebrity Circle as Matt Lucas - but then decided on Big Narstie instead. "I'm going to incorporate Big Narstie's energy to align with mine because we're very similar, but at the same time, obviously I'm small and tiny, so I'm going to go in with boyish clothes to make me stay in character because it's kind of like method acting. I've really got to tap into how he acts, how he talks, how he walks and hopefully it makes me get to the finals."

When asked if she had a game plan in mind, Lady Leshurr said " I think my sense of humour is going to come across and they're not going to want to let me go. So yeah, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to rely on being funny to get me popular."

Melvin Odoom and Rickie Haywood-Williams


Playing as: Will.I.Am

"Rickie would just be like, "Let's just go in there and do it." I think our game plan is, how we are in life. Just be nice."

The presenting duo intend on playing the game as Black Eyed Peas legend, Will.I.Am as they wanted to play someone they both met. "I don't think I'd be comfortable doing anyone that we don't really know. And it has to be someone interesting, someone fun to play, who we love. The thing about Will is he has stories for days. And everything he says is so out there, that you're just sitting there going, "Wow." And it'd be amazing to play someone like him."

"I think for the viewers, the fun side will be its two mates pretending to be someone else. And then for the people within The Circle, it's like, "Whoa, Will.i.Am, this really cool guy, and he's got these amazing stories, and he can rap, and he can dance, and he's a presenter," like all these things. That's the game plan, just be cool, just be nice. I think the thing about reality TV is don't overthink it."

Saffron Barker


Playing as: Herself

"My job is social media, so I spend my life on social media. So, to me, it's just like the perfect show to go on because hopefully I won't be too bad at it!"

Swapping her family home for a solo pad in The Circle apartments, Saffron reckons she'll be the 'baby of the group'. One of the few contestants playing as herself, we asked if she came prepared with a game plan in mind: "I would want to only win the show for being myself. So hopefully that will come across, and I mean, hopefully my personality can show on a message - that's going to be the struggle, but then again, that is my job!"

Charlotte Crosby

Geordie Shore Star

Playing as: Peter Andre

"When I watched the first series, I just thought it was an amazing concept. It's like Catfish, but you're watching that unfold and you know the actual character. I just always thought I would love to do that show if they ever did the celebrity version"

Reality TV lover and fan of The Circle, Charlotte can't wait to get into the apartments and start her game. "I think, because I'm going into it as someone else, I think I am a little bit worried that I might slip up. I'm worried about what if I can't play the game as good as I think I can. I just don't want to be kicked out. Blocked. I don't want to be blocked."

We asked Charlotte just what exactly made her choose Peter Andre as her catfish persona, "I've met Peter Andre a couple of times. I mean, we're not friends, but who doesn't like Peter Andre? He won Dad of the Year about 75 years in a row. How can you not like Dad of the Year? No one, when they see Peter Andre is in there, is going to be like, "Oh. Peter Andre." Everyone's going to be like, "Oh my God, Peter Andre!" He's loved by so many people. He's such a nice guy. So, I'm onto a winner already."

Pete Wicks & Sam Thompson

Reality TV Stars

Playing as: Rachel Riley

"I think me and Sam doing it together is going to be quite funny, because we could not be any more different if we tried. Us trying to join together to be someone else is all kinds of weird, if I'm honest about it."

Celebs Go Dating legends and arguably E4's best bromance since Freddie & Cook, the boys will be playing as Countdown's Rachel Riley when the game kicks off next week and they can't wait! (Well, Sam can't..)

"I just can't wait to wake up in the morning and go, "Would you like a tea?" Do you know what I mean? I want to feel like he's my roommate. That's what I want. When lockdown happened, I tried to travel to Pete's. I tried to be like, "We're going to lock down together, boy." And he said no but that was the game plan. Now I actually get to do it!"

Pete meanwhile, "Genuinely, I'm nervous about living with Sam. He's like the Duracell bunny, and he's like that 24/7. I sometimes think that maybe he just gets excited when he sees me. If he's like that 24/7, I'm going to have an absolutely disastrous time."

There you have it! The first ever celebrities (minus Richard Madeley of course) to enter The Circle, and you can see how they get on for yourself this Tuesday at 9:15PM on Channel 4 as part of this year’s Stand Up To Cancer.

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