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If you’re not currently working with someone in the team it's always best to send ideas into our email - D& 

We look at ALL ideas we get via that route and it’s by far the most efficient way for you to get your idea seen by us.

If you have an established relationship with a Comm Ed please do continue to pitch to them – but PLEASE DON’T pitch the same idea to different Comm Eds – we all discuss the ideas & who’s pitching.

And please tell us upfront if you’ve already pitched an idea to another department in C4.


An idea needs a great title (that is available to use) that either tells the audience what they’re going to get or is invitational and playful enough to get them curious enough to watch.

We need more than top line, we want to understand what slot you’re pitching the idea for, your approach, tone, execution & format, so that we can assess quickly whether it’s something we want to take forward and champion.

We always prefer you to pitch one or two really strong ideas that you’ve honed and believe that you can get us obsessed with too, rather than 10 or 15 top lines in the hope that one sticks.

We want ideas pitched that will knock our socks off, that we ‘get’ in one line and that feel audacious and unexpected. That’s not to say it has to feel outrageous and extreme – just that there’s something in it to make it feel really special (eg: a novel starting point, money can’t buy prize, extraordinary access, unexpected casting or talent etc).

Every broadcaster wants distinctive ideas – we need you to articulate what it is about your idea / execution that will make an idea really stand out specifically for us at Channel 4.  

We want Channel 4 feature shows to be talked about, noticed. So what’s the twist you’re bringing that says to the audience “only Channel 4 would do it that way”?



  • The audience wants uplifting content & the promise of happy endings and resolution / reveals.
  • Format that does the hard work for the audience & makes it easy to join across the ep as 8pm can still be a bit hectic in households.
  • Broad subjects that audiences they can watch together (be it in family / friendship groups in shared homes).
  • Unexpected angles of attack into familiar features territories: Punchy / noisy takes on relevant and relatable subjects…. e.g., Naked Education, Know Your Sh*t
  • We want much more emotional story telling in our shows but with content that ultimately always leaves the viewers feeling uplifted.
  • Relaxing & feelgood tone is crucial – however we also know the audience really values a sense of spontaneity & unpredictability – where could things ‘go wrong’ but will always turn out OK in the end.
  • Immersive and inspiring formats rather than finger-wagging, preachy or too overtly instructional.

It’s worth thinking about gentle (& not so gentle) competition in unexpected places as a good way of reviving and reinvigorating classic features territories

  • 60’ shows, across a range of tariffs - have slots for 4 / 6 /8/part series @ £120k per ep - £180k per ep.
  • Sunday night 7pm - 60’ lower cost (£100k-£120k) (an alternative to antiques audiences) needs a purpose – Escape to the Chateau plays here what would be a nice stable-mate to that?

We’re happy to look at features shows for 9pm and 10pm (although it’s not the key focus for us just now) – but tonally there’s a shift in audience expectation & a much greater emphasis on ideas that will drive an audience to ALL4. (Katie's Price’s Mucky Mansion a great example of ALL4 driving content)


The obsession for us all is what’s next at 5pm on Channel 4? What is the next turn of the wheel in terms of shape / structure across the week?

We know 5pm is an opportunity to attract younger audiences but anything we go for must speak to a really broad demo (the majority of the available audience is 55+ at this time of day) so please bring us ideas that have genuine breadth as well as wit & cheek that will get them talked about.

We’ll continue to look at ideas in that more escapist / aspirational mould, but we’ve got some exciting new titles launching – in particular a couple of property titles that we’re excited about – Help! We bought a Village and Renovation Nation, a Sarah Beeny spin off as well as the returners like The Great House Giveaway and Chateau DIY coming back.



We get pitched A LOT of ideas for More4 and there are limited slots... as many of you know the CPH is pretty challenging on the channel, but the ambition remains really high.

We have enough celebrity-fronted travelogues at the moment – so this is not an area of priority for us.

We’re gravitating towards soft docs series that let the audience become ‘armchair experts’ – with series that feel like ‘intelligent comfort viewing’.

Shows need to deliver on the promise of looking visually beautiful & have clever & innovative production models to deliver the quality and ambition we’re after.

And EVERYTHING that we commission for More4 must be repeatable on C4.

We are looking at ideas in 2 categories at the moment with tariffs ranging £50k- £120k.

  • The ‘big ticket ‘/ tentpole’ series that can drive attention to the channel & feel like an event eg: Ken Bruce’s PopMaster TV which feels like a real coup for More4
  • Lower cost scalable / repeatable series:  This is the space we don’t get pitched anywhere near enough original ideas. What are the populist / low risk territories for that heartland ABC1 audience that can repeat anywhere? Interesting access would fall into this category – we are well served for Blue Lights – so what else?


5 o'clock is very much the priority at the moment. We are looking for talent-led studio shows, gameshows and fact-ent formats to sit in the Come Dine With Me/Coach Trip slot.

We are not interested in traditionally Daytime ideas which would work on any channel. We want shows which stand out as being 'Channel 4' in tone and style and which could potentially transfer to peak in the way that Come Dine With Me has. Subject areas we are not looking for include antiques, art, pets and gardening.

£50k per hour.

Finding shows which are distinctive, witty and will punch above their weight in terms of ratings.

In the first instance, you can submit ideas directly to the Commissioning Editor. We are happy for these to be top-line thoughts, rather than fully-researched proposals.

The Daytime and Features Team

Head of Daytime and Features: Jo Street

I love meeting with suppliers & having creative conversations however its always best to pitch specific ideas via a comm ed / D&F inbox.

Based at the Glasgow Hub
Contact: Jo Street
Assistant: Lydia Francis

Commissioning Editor: Deborah Dunnett

Based at the Glasgow Hub
Contact: Deborah Dunnett
Assistant: Louise Stewart

My slate includes Extraordinary Escapes with Sandi Toksvig, Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland and Matt Baker our Farm in the Dales & Farm of a Lifetime. Some of my recent Channel 4 commissions include a competitive whittle with gob-smacking elimination mechanic and utterly heart-warming prize, a consumer review show with surprising talent and a celebration of the UK’s most OTT interiors with Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. 

I also have a lot of gentle access, travelogues and gloriously bucolic backdrops, so what I’m focusing on now are bolder weeknight lifestyle formats. New ways into evergreen territories that audiences love and devices or entry points that feel so fresh and exciting they will generate publicity regardless of who's at the helm.

Commissioning Editor: Jayne Stanger

Based at Leeds NHQ
Contact: Jayne Stanger
Assistant: Louise Stewart

My slate includes a raft of shows that are at the heart of our daytime schedule: Help! We Bought a Village, Chateau DIY, A New Life In the Sun, Sun, Sea and Selling Houses and Countdown. I also look after the live slate for daytime with daily show Steph’s Packed Lunch and Sunday Brunch. Some of my recent commissions are Sex Rated, a sex positive and cheeky relationship show for 10pm and at the other end of the spectrum Amanda Owen’s Farming Lives for More 4.

I am looking for the next 5pm daytime and Channel4 Streaming hit. Plus new returnable features ideas, with big talent, bold takes and strong format beats that are not on the channel at the moment but definitely should be. I am also looking for smart takes on traditional areas for More 4 presented by talent that feel like old friends.

Commissioning Editor: Gill Brown

Based at the Glasgow Hub
Contact: Gill Brown
Assistant: John Cannon

I have the privilege of looking after some of the department's big brands including Location Location Location, Love It or List It and Amazing Spaces. I commissioned Good Grief with the Rev Richard Coles for Channel 4, Huge Homes with Hugh Dennis for More 4 and new for daytime in 2023 Strangers on a Plane & Narrow Escapes which will launch later in 2023.

For daytime I’m always keen to hear about ideas that will offer the audience inspiration and escapism and I’m interested in the different shapes features programmes can take – what can we borrow in terms of form from other genres and then add features subject matter, process or learning to?

Senior Commissioning Editor: Clemency Green (Maternity Leave)

Based in London
Contact: Clemency Green
Assistant: Louise Stewart

I look after a range of shows across daytime, peak, E4 and More4. I am across our property portfolio, where some of my commissions include the George Clarke slate, Worst House on the Street, Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion, Building Britain’s Super Homes, Renovation Nation and Tinie Tempah’s Extraordinary Extensions.

I look after some of our biggest brands like The Great Pottery Throwdown, Escape to the Chateau and Made in Chelsea.

I will be on maternity leave until April 2024.

Commissioning Editor: Nicole Streak (Maternity Cover)

Based in London
Contact: Nicole Streak
Assistant: Louise Stewart

I am covering Clem’s maternity leave and will be managing all her active projects. I am not taking any development meetings at the moment & will be focussing on delivering current projects & paid developments.

Commissioning Executive: Jane Handa

Based atthe Glasgow Hub
Jane Handa

My slate includes the day to day running of our fun and topical live daytime studio show, Steph’s Packed Lunch as well as Billionaire Blooms, Britain’s Most Beautiful Road, A Cotswold Farm Shop, Britain’s Most Expensive Houses and singles such as A Welsh Valley That Won the Lottery.

I look after our department’s ideas inbox, so get your submissions in! Daytime & Features ideas

Commissioning Executive: Jasper Hone

Based at the Bristol Hub
Contact: Jasper Hone

My slate, for Channel 4 & More4 peak, includes Food Unwrapped, Britain’s Most Expensive Houses, Highclere: Behind The Scenes, Little Trains & Big Names, 999: On The Front Line, The UK’s National Parks, and GPs In The Wild (w/t).

I’m always on the lookout for low tariff ideas that can play on Channel 4 weekends against the entertainment juggernauts, and smash hit returners for More4 that could deliver in volume. I like national treasures curating engaging topics and escapism, but they must be truly authentic to the talent involved.

Commissioning Executive: Barry Agnew

Based at the Glasgow Hub
Contact: Barry Agnew

My slate includes A Place in the Sun, Great House Giveaway, Sarah Beeney’s New Lives in the Country, & Come Dine With Me. I also meet with indies and discuss new ideas. While my primary focus is on Daytime, E4 & More4 programming, I am also happy to discuss innovative and contemporary takes on traditional lifestyle and features.

Assistant Editor: Cerise Carroll

Based in London
Contact: Cerise Carroll

I am the Assistant Editor for the Features team, and head of talent for D&F meeting & tracking all new, on-screen talent opportunities.

Programme Coordinator and Genre Assistant: Lydia Francis

Based at the Glasgow Hub
Contact: Lydia Francis

I have the ever-challenging 😉 task of looking after Jo’s diary and am Programme Co-ordinator for the Daytime slate.

Assistant & Programme Coordinator: John Cannon

Based at the Glasgow Hub

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