You're Killing My Son: Mum on the Run

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You're Killing My Son: The Mum Who Went on the Run

A Cutting Edge documentary with exclusive access to Sally and Ben Roberts, the parents of Neon Roberts. In December 2012, Sally Roberts went on the run with seven-year-old Neon, to prevent him receiving life-saving treatment for a brain tumour.

The programme charts this extraordinary story as both parents reveal their accounts of months spent in conflict over the life of their child.

Ben Roberts speaks at length and for the first time about his experiences. He recalls the moment Sally and Neon disappeared and shares the relief he felt when the High Court awarded him custody, to safeguard Neon from any further disruptions to his radiotherapy.

Sally goes back to the place where she hid with Neon and introduces the alternative therapy practitioner she trusted to treat her son.

The film shows her disappointment when the High Court rules against her, stating that chemotherapy and radiotherapy were the only available treatments that could save Neon's life.

Director Sarah Burkeman, a friend of the family, started filming days after Sally Roberts was found in hiding.

At the heart of the story is Neon himself: a seven-year-old boy struggling to cope with cancer, family breakdown and debilitating medical treatment.

The film explores how, in the face of most parents' worst nightmare, beliefs were shattered, relationships were severed, and a world of alternative treatments was sought out when a little boy's mother rejected conventional medicine.

You're Killing My Son: Mum on the Run synopsis

In 2012, Sally Roberts ran away with her son Neon, to prevent him from receiving life-saving treatment for a brain tumour. This documentary speaks exclusively to both parents.

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