It's the Youngers' big shot! Only question is... can they keep it professional? Check all this week's tunes on our BANG TIDY Spotify playlist.

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  • Bad Breeds don't like spiders: Bang On - Fars Yer Whop DJ Remix
  • Harry steps out of the limo: Thunder Bay - Hudson Mohawke
  • Heading inside the party: Goon Bags - Foreign Beggars
  • Bad Breeds take to the stage: Bad Breeds - Hold it Down
  • Ashley arrives at the hospital: Prince Buster - Madness
  • Youngers go ghetto: The Youngers - Stern Visage
  • Youngers go grime: The Youngers - More to Me
  • Food fight!: MRK1 - Smash it up Hard
  • Youngers aren't getting signed...: Jacob Banks - Worthy
  • Party's over: Raleigh Ritchie - Stay Inside
  • Next time...: Rascals - Fire Blaze