The group hits the studio to get some recording done. Only problem is... they aren't getting on too well. Oh well - at least you can check all this weeks tunes on on our Spotify playlist!

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  • Ash picks up Yemi from church: True Tiger - To the Rhythm
  • Yemi makes things awkward with Davina: Neil Landstrumm - Schlump Funk
  • Louise gives Benny the evils: Morgan Zarate - Hookid
  • Davina demands respect: Terror Danjah and Champion - Stone Island
  • In Clean n' Jerk with Bad Breeds: Kano - P's and Q's
  • Davina gets the Teas: Preditah - Jack up the Tune
  • The finished tune: The Youngers - More to Me
  • Benny's got big plans (uh-oh!): JME - Boy Better Know