• S2-Ep7: Music

    Drama, drama, drama this week! Youngers are on the brink of falling apart. Check out this week's playlist - it's intense!

  • S2-Ep6: Music

    This week, Bangs gets his big break. In honour of this, we've put together a BANGIN' (we did it again!) playlist. Check it out on Spotify!

  • S2-Ep5: Music

    Love is in the air! So we've got a bangin' (pun 100% intended cuz!) selection of tunes on offer. Here's this week's Spotify playlist.

  • S2-Ep4: Music

    It's the Youngers' big shot! Only question is... can they keep it professional? Check all this week's tunes on our BANG TIDY Spotify playlist.

  • S2-Ep3: Music

    The group hits the studio to record their new track. Only problem is... they aren't getting on too well. Oh well - at least you can check all this weeks tunes on on our Spotify playlist!

  • S2-Ep2: Music

    Davina's back in the band, the boys are back with Ashley, and most importantly our playlist is BACK! Spotify tunes and all that this way, get involved!

  • S2-Ep1: Music

    So Series 2 kicked off with a proper party - you know it's going to be good, if it's round BANGS' yard, anyway. Here are all the tunes from the episode, including our new Series Spotify playlist.