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It's GCSE results day, and friends Yemi and Jay nervously make their way to school to find out what the future holds

First shown: 13 Mar 2013 This programme is subtitled This programme is audio described

Ey yo YOUNGERS peoples, there's MORE from South London's finest down below, including exclusive videos and music playlists, still

More Youngers Action


Who makes the best jerk chicken? Duchy or Uncle Errol? It's competitive cooking, Peckham style!

So the second series may be over, but, hey, at least you've still got the tracks! Here's the last set of tunes for our Spotify Playlist.

It's the track that's driving Pecknarm crazy! Bangs Bangs!

Abraham meets his favourite MC and gets a little starstruck



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  • Davina

    Davina's not privileged... but definitely not ghetto

  • Yemi

    Yemi is humble. Yemi is mild-mannered. Yemi is also Jay's long-suffering best friend.

  • Jay

    This series, ladies' man Jay is putting his music first. It's time for Linkster to grow UP!

  • Mandem on the Wall

    Mandem on the Wall are some mandem. On a wall. Truth.