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X-Men: First Class

As a child, Erik Lehnsherr (Bill Milner) is just one of the many Poles dragged off to the Nazi death camps. But, approaching the gates, he releases a psycho-kinetic blast which saves his life, though only because he's seen as a potential weapon.

Time moves forward to the 1960s and Erik, who will eventually be known as Magneto (and is now played by Fassbender), is haunted by the Holocaust and is determined to find and kill the German, now called Sebastian Shaw (Bacon), who attempted to mould him to Nazi purposes.

Meanwhile, the British professor Charles Xavier (McAvoy) is shown to also have known for some time about people with superpowers.

And when it's discovered that Shaw's plans for global domination hinge on nuclear confrontation between the West and the Soviet Union, both Lensherr and Xavier are among those recruited by the CIA to foil the plot.

With Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne and Demetri Goritsas.

(2011) Cert: 12