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Wuthering Heights

Andrea Arnold's (Fish Tank, Red Road) Film4-funded, radical adaptation of Emily Brontë's classic romantic novel, starring Kaya Scodelario (Skins) as Cathy and James Howson (in his screen debut) as Heathcliffe.

On a trip to Liverpool, Mr Earnshaw (Paul Hilton) offers a young black street-dweller, Heathcliffe (Solomon Glave), a chance to escape his poverty and come to live with him and his two children at his remote farm. He'll have to work, of course, but, despite the colour of his skin, he will be treated as equal.

Well, that's the promise, and it's kept, but the Yorkshire moors were a tough place from which to eke an existence in the 19th-century; and as for equality... he's not exactly immediately welcomed by his new 'siblings'.

However, he does quickly bond with the young Cathy (Shannon Beer) and the two develop a passionate friendship, which only serves to stoke the ire of her brother Hindley (Lee Shaw).

But, as the two grow, Cathy (Scodelario) and Heathcliffe (Howson) find themselves caught in a tempest of obsessive love, anger and revenge.

Robbie Ryan's cinematography starkly captures the raw nature of those weather-beaten uplands - an effect further enhanced by the lack of a musical score. The film was nominated for Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Film Festival.

(2011) Cert: 15

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Academy Award-winning writer-director Andrea Arnold's third feature

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