World's Maddest Job Interview

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Eight volunteers have five days and one mission: to ace the world's maddest job interview.

Some have had or are still managing significant mental health conditions, others have not had any at all, but all are putting their work skills under the microscope in order to challenge the discrimination that sees one in five workers claim they are eased out of their jobs after telling an employer about their mental health issue.

The volunteers are trying to impress a panel of business people, who don't know which of the interviewees have been affected by mental health problems. Can the volunteers prove that those with mental health issues are as employable as those without?

The volunteers complete a variety of tough tests to assess work skills such as leadership and teamwork so that the employers - Claude Littner (The Apprentice), Chairman of Sir Alan Sugar's IT company Viglen; Elaine Holt, Bid Director at National Express; and entrepreneur and small business owner Austin Gayer - can assess their talents.

At the same time, the psych team - a consultant clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst and a consultant psychiatrist - try to identify those who have a background of mental health issues, and those who don't.

Can the volunteers prove the stereotypes wrong?

World's Maddest Job Interview synopsis

Can a panel of volunteers disprove stereotypes about people who are living with mental health conditions?

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