World Without End

  • Episode 1

    Set in the aftermath of a civil war in Medieval England, Queen Isabella defeats and imprisons her husband, making way for their young son, Edward III, to be crowned King

  • Episode 2

    Following the devastating effects of the bridge collapse in the medieval town of Kingsbridge, young medical student Caris takes charge of caring for the casualties as the townsfolk mourn their losses

  • Episode 3

    The epic drama continues as construction of the new bridge is now well in hand under Merthin's guidance, while Godwyn is outraged when Mother Cecilia dismisses his plans for a palace.

  • Episode 4

    It is almost a decade later in France, and Edward III is desperate to find a way for his army to cross the River Somme, otherwise they will be trapped and under siege

  • Episode 5

    In the penultimate episode, Merthin returns from Italy to reunite with Caris, but the plague-bearing rats arrive in Kingsbridge too, so Caris turns the convent into a makeshift hospital

  • Episode 6

    In the final instalment Saul's monastery is full of rotting bodies. No one is safe from the plague in Kingsbridge; Godwyn appears to have survived the disease, but is quite mad.