World War II: The Untold Stories

  • The Nazi Titanic

    The Wilhelm Gustloff was sunk by a Soviet submarine in 1945, sending more than 9,000 people to their deaths. This film probes some of the unsolved mysteries surrounding the catastrophe.

  • Goering: The Unseen Footage

    Goering: The Unseen Footage examines the men who helped Adolf Hitler in his rise to power and serviced the infernal machinery of the Third Reich.

  • Hitler's Downfall

    A psychological portrait of the final days of Adolf Hitler. Eyewitnesses remember how the Fuhrer fantasised about a final victory while the Red Army tanks were rolling through Berlin.

  • Hitler's Stealth Fighter

    A team of experts works to reproduce a complete HO 229 aircraft: Hitler's boomerang-shaped 'stealth fighter'. Could it really have eluded Allied radar and changed the course of the war?