Without a Trace

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      The Missing Persons Squad must solve the case of a 28-year-old marketing executive who appears to have simply walked away from everything in her life

    • Episode 2 - Birthday Boy

      Jack and the team search for an 11-year-old boy who has been missing for 16 hours after disappearing from a subway station while on the way to a baseball game

    • Episode 3 - He Saw, She Saw

      Jack and the team search for a woman who was snatched from her own car while out shopping with her husband.

    • Episode 4 - Between the Cracks

      The squad face an even tougher challenge than usual when an actress and model, who is continually changing her appearance to suit her roles, disappears

    • Episode 5 - Suspect

      Jack and the team search for a missing boarding school pupil. It turns out that the headmaster was the last person to see him...

    • Episode 6 - Silent Partner

      Jack and the team search for New York businessman Patrick Kent, who disappeared after he checked in for a routine flight home. The investigation reveals he led a secret double life.

    • Episode 7 - Snatch Back

      When a toddler goes missing, suspicion initially falls on the people involved with each of her parents: a prominent lawyer and a college professor

    • Episode 8 - Little Big Man

      The team search for a teenager who goes missing in a rough neighbourhood after a confrontation with a local bully

    • Episode 9 - In Extremis

      When Saudi Arabian medical intern Anwar Samir goes missing, mounting evidence leads Jack and the team to suspect that he may be a terrorist

    • Episode 10 - Midnight Sun

      Greg Prichard and his daughter Kyla set off for work and school one morning, but neither arrives at their intended destination. Jack and the team investigate.

    • Episode 11 - Maple Street

      There's no shortage of suspects when 13-year-old Annie Miller disappears from her small Long Island town. Then, 24 hours later, her best friend Siobhan also goes missing.

    • Episode 12 - Underground Railroad

      Jack and the team search for a pregnant woman with a life-threatening illness who has gone on the run from her abusive husband

    • Episode 13 - Hang On to Me

      Chet Collins, the father of a missing boy for whom Jack has been searching for six years, grows increasingly desperate and decides to take the search into his own hands

    • Episode 14 - The Friendly Skies

      The team search for a missing air hostess who had recently met a man through an internet dating service

    • Episode 15 - There Goes the Bride

      When a bride goes missing at her own wedding, Jack and the team's investigation involves an examination of her relationship with the groom...

    • Episode 16 - Clare de Lune

      A girl goes missing from a mental hospital. The team's investigation uncovers conflicting opinions of her mental state, which raises further questions about her mother's death.

    • Episode 17 - Kam Li

      A retired US Army officer disappears following a dinner in his honour given by former members of his Vietnam platoon

    • Episode 18 - The Source

      Television reporter Delia Rivers goes missing while investigating a nightclub owner suspected of drug dealing

    • Episode 19 - Victory for Humanity

      When a dedicated young teacher goes missing after teaching a night class in the Bronx, Jack and the team's investigation uncovers some intriguing facts

    • Episode 20 - No Mas

      Jack and the team delve into the seedy underbelly of the boxing world when clean-living boxer Dante Jones vanishes just before a big fight

    • Episode 21 - Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?

      Paranoia levels run high in the team when Jack finds himself under investigation after being accused of coercing a confession from a paedophile

    • Episode 22 - Fall Out (Part 1/2)

      A man who lost his wife in the attack on the World Trade Center takes her former boss hostage. Samantha goes undercover for the ransom handover - but things go wrong...

    • Episode 23 - Fall Out (Part 2/2)

      As well as continuing their search for Sydney Harrison the team must rescue Samantha from her dangerously unstable kidnapper