Will and Grace

    • Episode 1 - Love and Marriage

      Will's poker night with his buddies gets interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Grace, so he advises her to break up with her boyfriend

    • Episode 2 - A New Lease of Life

      Grace needs to find a new flat, and after initially encouraging her to get her own place, Will realises that he wants her to move in with him

    • Episode 3 - Head Case

      Tensions escalate between new roommates Will and Grace when Grace decides to renovate their bathrooms

    • Episode 4 - Between a Rock and Harlin's Place

      Grace reluctantly agrees to decorate Will's boss's flat. Typically Will can't keep his nose out and ends up getting her fired.

    • Episode 5 - Boo! Humbug

      Jack can't convince either Will or Grace, both Halloween-phobics, to accompany him to the annual downtown 'Gay High Holy Day' parade

    • Episode 6 - William, Tell

      Jack unsettles Grace by revealing that Will had an affair the previous summer with a man he referred to as his 'client'

    • Episode 7 - Where There's a Will, There's No Way

      Grace claims the reason she's not dating is that she's having too much fun with Will, so she suggests that they try not to have such a good time

    • Episode 8 - The Buying Game

      Grace has the opportunity to buy her studio space. Jack decides to become a massage therapist and asks to practise on Karen.

    • Episode 9 - The Truth About Will and Dogs

      Will declares that he hates dogs, but when Grace brings home an adorable puppy, he falls in love and develops a debilitating obsession

    • Episode 10 - The Big Vent

      Warming themselves over a heating vent, Will and Grace can hear everything in the bedroom below, including an extra-marital affair

    • Episode 11 - Will on Ice

      Will never seems to get what he wants for his birthday, and the current event is no exception when he gets dragged to an ice-skating show

    • Episode 12 - My Fair Maid-y

      Grace is in a panic about the annual design show competition. Will's solution is to hire a tough-talking maid.

    • Episode 13 - The Unsinkable Mommy Adler

      Grace's star-struck mother Bobbi visits, and unsettles everyone by suggesting that Grace should marry Will

    • Episode 14 - Big Brother Is Coming (Part 1)

      Will's estranged older brother turns up at Jack's birthday party, so Grace tries to reunite the siblings

    • Episode 15 - Big Brother Is Coming (Part 2)

      Will is aghast when he hears Grace and Sam spent the night together. Can Grace get Will and Sam to put their differences behind them?

    • Episode 16 - Yours, Mine or Ours

      When a good-looking, sexually ambiguous new tenant moves in, both Will and Grace vie for his attentions until the competition gets too nasty

    • Episode 17 - Secrets and Lays

      The gang retreat to a cabin in Vermont for the weekend, where Grace rekindles a romance with old flame Campbell but hides the fling from Will

    • Episode 18 - Grace, Replaced

      While Grace works overtime, Will turns to his zany new neighbour Val for support. When Grace twigs that she's being replaced, she isn't pleased.

    • Episode 19 - Will Works Out

      Jack's bogus gym membership has finally been cancelled, so a reluctant Will takes him as a guest to his own gym

    • Episode 20 - Saving Grace

      Grace gets a coveted job decorating the house of a rich and powerful publicist, but there's a catch: he demands that she fix him up with a horrified Will

    • Episode 21 - Alley Cats

      When Rob and Ellen admit that they don't have fun playing games with Will and Grace because of Grace's competitive nature, Grace works to change her approach

    • Episode 22 - Object of My Rejection

      Karen persuades Jack to marry her maid Rosario so that she can stay in the country, but the wedding has a strange effect on Will and Grace