Wife Swap

  • The Ahmeds and the Escotts

    A liberal mother swaps places with the mother of a strict Pakistani Muslim family

  • The Gibbs and the Henrys

    Alison from Eastbourne and Michelle from Northampton trade places and parenting styles: Alison's one priority is her five children, while Michelle believes adults should be in charge

  • The Griffiths and the Youngs

    It's a fiery swap as housewife Tina Griffiths from Basingstoke and Labour party councillor Julie Young from Colchester trade places for 10 days

  • The Berrisfords and the Pearson-Faiths

    A lesbian couple and their children from Essex, who rely on benefits, swap places with a traditional farming family from Cheshire, whose dad works a 70-hour week

  • The Orchards and the Sinclares

    Pampered mum Karen Orchard is a complete stranger to the kitchen, so when she swaps with devoted domesticated wife Andrea Sinclare there are shocks in store.

  • The Spencers and the Dryers

    This episode has life-changing results for both families. Sally Spencer - who, with her hunter-gatherer husband, has left conventional society - swaps with career woman Dalite Dryer.

  • The Vyas and the Strevens

    The all-boy Strevens household is relaxed, laid back and follows very few rules, while Smruty Vyas runs a tight ship in her house. How will this week's swap go?

  • The Ramseys and the Greens

    Relaxed Birmingham couple Chris and Ray enjoy a marriage with a difference: they are real wife swappers! They swap houses with the very disciplined Green family from Nottingham.

  • The Courtenays and the Darby-Dhyans

    Ex-pat Marbella socialite Anna Courtenay and her husband Chris swap places with 'back-to-nature' Dan and Kara Darby-Dhyan, who live on an eco-friendly boat in Spain

  • The Gianstefanis and the Aytons

    One of the most extreme lifestyle swaps, as a millionaire's wife who lives a luxurious lifestyle exchanges lives with a freegan Jesus Christian who scavenges for food from bins.

  • The Menfesawi-Imanis and the Wilkinsons

    Find out what happens when a mum who believes in structure and routine swaps with a mum who puts fun first and education last.

  • The Roberts and the Frenchs

    Two very different Christian women swap lives for two weeks. How will Judith, the strict wife of a pastor, cope with living as 'born again' Dawn, who gambles, drinks and hates rules?

  • The Buncles and the Sages

    A traditional wife with six children who helps run a falconry business in rural Devon swaps with a mother who works as a London glamour model and enjoys life's luxuries. Last in the series.

  • The Newmans and the Butlers

    Working parent Suzanne Newman swaps with Wioletta Butler. Wioletta is used to fitting in with husband Tony's plans. But, what happens when a controlling husband has to do what he's told?

  • The Browses and the Geldens

    Ronnie Browse swaps lives for two weeks with Raquel Gelden. But what happens when a lively mum of eight, who doesn't believe in rules, switches with a strict young mum of two?

  • The Hamlins and the Zendel-Ellis'

    A dramatic flare-up leaves the swap in jeopardy when a mother of ten exchanges lives with a career mum who runs a sweet shop.

  • The Hefferans and the Walshs

    Blind mum Penny, who runs a strict home where the kids are expected to pitch in with the chores, swaps lifestyles with Vanessa, who shares a much more liberal outlook with her husband.

  • The Seniors and the Jordans

    A gay dad from Milton Keynes swaps lives with a traditional mum from Nottingham who doesn't believe in same-sex relationships.

  • The Curtis' and the Pinchens

    What happens when a traditional country mum swaps lives with a working mum who doesn't believe in rules or discipline?

  • The Burkes and the Howes

    How will a bohemian wife cope with a family that expects to be waited on hand and foot, and what will a confirmed town-dweller make of living 'the good life' on a Pembrokeshire farm?

  • The Murphys and the Moystons

    A driven perfectionist, hairdresser Kerry Murphy swaps her life with Kelly Moyston, a woman who adores life in the slow lane. Will the experience provoke any life-changing emotions?

  • The Ramos' and the Griffiths

    A wife who spends every day working with her husband as a pair of professional acrobats swaps with a mother of four whose life leaves her little time with her husband.

  • The Hornbys and the Berners

    Self-confessed wannabe WAG Andrea Hornby swaps places with Kathy Berner, a working mother whose busy life doesn't leave much time for herself or romance.

  • The Hollicks and the Willis'

    Liberal parents Tara and Alan swap lives with ex-England squash pro Sam, from Kettering, who runs her home life like a military campaign. Will either party learn to rethink their ways?

  • The Duncans and the Bonnars

    Michele Duncan thinks nothing of cleaning her Stoke-on-Trent house from top to bottom for eight hours daily, but then she swaps with Tracy Bonnar's family where everyone pulls their weight.

  • The Sheriffs and the Wards

    A born-again Christian mother swaps places with a mum who describes her family as more like the Osbournes than the Waltons. How do the families shape up with the new regimes?

  • Stevens/Thomson and Rayfield/Collins

    Publican Sam Stevens in Cornwall swaps lives with working mother Natalie Rayfield from Gravesend. What happens when Sam presents Natalie's house-husband partner Jay with a few home truths?

  • The Carters and the Dales

    Another chance to see the last ever Wife Swap, as Bentley-driving lady-of-leisure Torre from Kent, swaps with mum of seven Sam Dale who lives in on a council estate in Hull.